Thank you…

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…for all the blessings 😄


Olympic Dreams

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Tonight, the very first Filipino representative to the Winter Olympics skates for the first time. Michael Martinez is the country’s lone representative to the Winter Olympics happening in Sochi, Russia.  No matter the results after this competition, the Philippines should be proud of what he has achieved!

A long time ago, it was also my dream to represent the country in a competition abroad.  I used to dream of being on the first place podium with USA or China on either side!  And I did it, in my day dreams anyway, in every kind of sport. I used to say that I’d be the very first Filipino to ever win an Olympic gold medal in table tennis. Then in badminton. Or in swimming (even though I barely knew how to swim). And in all other sport you can think of.  I even remember the feeling of pride and nationalism whenever I imagine standing on the first place podium with my right hand over my left chest, the Philippine flag being raised and Lupang Hinirang playing loudly.  I think I even used to sing it out loud and proud.

But that was years ago. I know that nothing is impossible but let’s face it.  My body has already undergone irreversible changes. Changes that don’t exactly support my Olympic dream.  But who knows, right?  There are several other kinds of sport that don’t  require a young, athletic body.  I just hope I find the enthusiasm and inspiration to at least continue on dreaming.  So for now, I will live vicariously through Michael, who at a very young age has achieved what only millions of us dream of.

the real top 10

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All but two of the 10 duets for this week got a standing ovation from the judges!  That’s how great the performances are this week! Oh my gosh!  I don’t have the words!  The All Stars really brought everything to the next level ten levels higher!

The show started off elegantly with the top 10 number choreographed by Chris Scott.  Clever use of the rocking chair!  These choreographers have such weirdly creative ideas for props.

The duets were started by a high energy, heart-stopping disco routine by the great Doriana Sanchez performed by Brandon and Amy.  The lifts are really scary but it’s Brandon who is doing them and with those big biceps, and considering how small Amy is, they were done perfectly!  Almost too perfect really especially on that last death drop!  An inch from the floor! Oh my!

That was followed by a sharp and funky jazz performance by the beast herself, Melanie paired with Fik-shun.  Their dance really left you feeling good.  Melanie is as sharp as ever and Fik-shun for the most part was able to match her brilliance.

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Fear- and tear-inducing footage of the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011.  You should watch the video to see how powerful Mother Nature can be.

The initial 3 minutes of the video shows the almost empty river, obviously the water has receded.  Sirens, announcements are blaring in the background.  I assume that people are being asked to move to a higher ground.

Then the water starts coming in and I think to myself, maybe this is town is very far from the places I saw on TV that were totally immersed in flood and debris.  But for 15 minutes, water kept on rushing.  The water in the river rose and rose until it overflowed into the streets and then into the nearby playground.  And then the water brought in small debris, and then cars and boats and finally houses!

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SYTYCD 10 Top 10

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Yes.  It’s still two more weeks until the top 10 dancers are revealed but as early as now, I would like to make my predictions.

I think the girls are so much stronger than the guys this year.  They are better trained, have more personality and are amazing performers.  Here are my thoughts on who will make it to the top 10.

  1. Hayley.  Let me just say what an opportunity for Hayley this week to be able to dance with the choreographer himself – Leonardo! Even Mary Murphy was envious!  Hayley has been consistently voted to safety so even though she isn’t the strongest among the women, I think she’ll cruise through to the top 10.
  2. Makenzie.  Consistently at the bottom 3.  Consistently saved by the judges because of her amazing performances and professionalism.  I hope America votes her to the top 10 and if not, I hope the judges do not tire of saving her.
  3. Paul.  The ever-gelled Armenian, who I admire for having the courage to take on another season of SYTYCD in a foreign country at that, has revealed himself to be a very strong contender. Read the rest of this entry »

Penalizing Brilliance

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Warning: RANT coming up… You have been warned.

I am good at what I do.  There’s no BS about that.  I am just stating a fact.

A few months ago, I had been thrust into an enormous project of which I have no experience of. I am almost surely under qualified for it too.  I said no of course. But to refuse was not acceptable.

I gave it my best, all I’ve got. And because of it, I shone like a big, bright star on the darkest night.

Then, there came the time for big changes in the organization. People were being transferred from one project to another.  Except me.  They don’t wanna touch me.  Despite and in spite of requests, which eventually turned to protests, to be relegated to another project where I know I will be better at.  They just wouldn’t touch me.

Now, I am miserable.  I am stuck in a project that I don’t like, longing for another project that I can’t have.  This is punishment akin to death penalty. Fuck brilliance.  I don’t wanna shine no more.

battle of the best

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I hate disappointments.  I hate the feeling of a broken heart. So I am preparing myself for the worst. Tonight is the Men’s Finals at the most prestigious tennis championships – the Wimbledon.  It’s going to be a contest between the top 2 players right now – Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.  I believe in Novak’s talent and I support him with all my heart, which is why I am distancing myself from this match and preparing my heart to accept that tonight, Britain might have its first ever Wimbledon Champion since Fred Perry via Andy.  The time is right. He is as prepared as he can be.  Everyone is behind him and probably invoking the support of all gods for his win.

In my heart of hearts, I desperately want Novak to win.  Even as I type this post, I cannot help but pray that he really ends up the champion.  But I don’t wanna get my hopes up and have them extinguished later on. Yes, anything can happen. But the pessimist in me is overactive right now and has been buzzing in my ear, telling me that Andy will win. I am giving in but still not letting go.