Posted: April 14, 2010 in food

I love gyudon. I always order it whenever I eat at any japanese restaurant. I had my first gyudon at teriyaki boy but fell in love with it after tasting oki oki’s version.

Today, i decided to have an early dinner in the hopes of having an early night. I have been sleeping quite late for the past days (Well, early in the morning actually) and as a result, I have been late for work for 5 straight days now, I believe. Anyway, on my way home, I was thinking of where to have dinner. I was initially craving for teriyaki boy chicken but remembered that I haven’t eaten gyudon for a while now. I was gonna get it from teriyaki boy but wifi at taste buds made me decide to go to sushi-ya instead. That certainly isn’t one of the better decisions I made in my life.

The gyudon in sushi-ya did not taste like any of the gyudons I remember eating. It wasn’t horrible, no, but the rich taste of the beef I was craving for was not there. I am truly disappointed. I was so looking forward to a joyous meal. Service was okay. The refillable iced tea i ordered was so-so. But the thing is, I didn’t feel any joy eating sushi-ya’s gyudon. Note to self: never order gyudon from sushi-ya ever again! 😦


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