Posted: April 19, 2010 in tv
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I was watching this episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Clash of 2010 a couple of nights ago.  (Yes, I am a kapamilya and have been ever since I can remember and I think, I will stay a kapamilya for a long time still.)  The boys from the villa, the first of two houses in this PBB season, were complaining that they weren’t able to sleep well.  These boys were lying on soft mattresses, with comforters and centralized air conditioning.  But they weren’t complaining about the amenities of the house.  They weren’t ungrateful at all.  Rather, their definition of comfort is just very much different.  Comfort for them is sleeping on a woven mat laid out on hardwood floors.   Because that’s how they slept all their lives.  That is what their bodies were accustomed to.

We all have varying definitions of what comfort is.  And right now, comfort for me is curling under the blankets with my 7 pillows on my make shift bed – just two mattresses on top of each other ( I still haven’t gotten around to buying a real bed because 1. I can’t find something I like and 2. I can’t find time to find the bed I like.)  I miss my bed….


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