Slow Sunday

Posted: April 25, 2010 in badminton, sports, technology, tv
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The opening number of ASAP XV was dope.  It really shows how talented artists in the kapamilya network are.  Yes, there were a few things that I think have room for improvement but overall an awesome performance, no doubt.  ASAP is really pushing their artists out of their comfort zones, maximizing their talents, steppin’ it up!  And they have to.  There’s a new Sunday variety show in a revamped network and another one has reformatted its program.  Competition is always good and should always be welcomed and should serve as inspiration for improvement.

While watching ASAP XV, I was also trying to re-organize my iphone apps.  I already have 11 pages of downloaded applications and going through 176 applications to find the app that I need sometimes takes too long a time.  After two hours of arranging and re-arranging, I still haven’t decided on how best to group them.  OC-ness sure has its disadvantages.

I was also tinkering with itunes and found out, only now, yes, that it is easier to put lyrics in the songs using a mac.  So I’m now downloading lyrics from my favorite lyrics site – lyricsbox. I am so nerdy! Hahaha.  But I am just too lazy and too sore to do anything that requires me to get off the couch!

I am always lazy, so that’s nothing new.  Plus, it’s a Sunday!  It’s perfectly acceptable to be a couch potato on the last day of the week in preparation for the manic Monday!  And it’s difficult to get off the couch when your entire body is aching – gluts, gastrocs and shoulders most especially.  Thanks to badminton for all the body pains!

It was my first time to play badminton in a little over a year and I was far from my best.  But I tried, I really did.  Ran all over the court trying to hit the shuttlecock, a lot of times unsuccessful but the effort still brought a lot of pain, pain, pain.  So all I can do now, all I wanna do now is watch TV all day.  It’s still ASAP XV!  But Gimik the reunion in a few.

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