Iron Man 2

Posted: May 6, 2010 in movies
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Just saw Iron Man 2 last night. Unfortunately, only in 2d. I was planning to go to SM MOA to see it in Imax but my Juan Tamad genes took over and instead, I just settled on watching it at Robinsons.

There weren’t that many people watching. I was expecting at least a full house but I almost had the entire row to myself. And it’s just the first week of showing! But it may just be because it’s shown in 4 out of the 7 cinemas of the mall or maybe because it was the last full show. Not sure. But it may also be because, the movie is kind of predictable. There really wasn’t anything new to see. The special effects were nothing we haven’t seen before; the storyline was basic and straightforward; and the action scenes were, according to a friend, deficient.

I still enjoyed watching it though. The movie was simple yes, but still fun. There were some witty moments. Robert Downy was funny. Gwyneth is pretty. And Scarlett Johanson was hot, hot, hot! Actually, for me, Scarlett was one of the highlights of the movie. She was spectacular in her role. She’s just so freakin’ gorgeous! And the stunt work in her fight scenes was really good.

My friends who have seen the movie advised me to stay on until after the credits. I endured roughly 10 minutes of boring, scrolling text just for 10 seconds of additional footage which just shows the sneak preview of what is to come. So to those who still haven’t seen it, I’ll just tell you what happens at the end clip so you don’t have to waste 10 minutes of your time. *Warning! Spoiler coming up!*

There’s a crater being investigated by The Shield in New Mexico. A hammer is found a few feet from the crater! A new character will surely be introduced for the next installment – THOR!

Here’s the hidden scene:

Even more revelations here.

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