PLDT = bad customer service

Posted: May 6, 2010 in technology
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Not once has PLDT provided me with good customer service. For the more than five years of subscription I have with them, I could not recall a time when I was satisfied with the service they have provided.

Three days ago, I received my PLDT bill. Glaring at me was a notice of disconnection! How the freak did that happen when I already enrolled the bill for autocharging to my credit card. Grrr…

I called the customer service.

*ring, ring*.

“Thank you for calling PLDT.  For residential customers, press 1.  For business customers, press 2.”

After a couple of minutes of pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4, I finally got through. “Your call is important to us…Please stay on the line” Freeeeak! Not wanting to go through the never-ending series of instructions again, I decided to wait it out.

5 minutes. Sheeesh!

10 minutes! Nuninuninu…

30 minutes! What the hell is wrong?

45 minutes! Seriously? Seriously? Gggggrrrrrrr!

I called again after 10 minutes. Press 1… Press 2…Press 3.  Enter phone number…Press 2…Press 2….Yadayadaya.  Then…

“Our business hours are from 8am to 6pm from Mondays thru Fridays and 8am to 5pm for weekends and holidays! teet-teet-teet… What the f**k! Aaaaahhh! I have been calling and waiting for more than an hour and no one from PLDT answered.  And then I get this?  What the?  More grrrr.

Called PLDT again. This time, different series of buttons to press – instead of billing, which apparently is until 6pm only, I called landline repair, the only customer service section that’s 24/7.

I calmly narrated my predicament to the contact center agent indicating that were it not for their inefficiency, I would not be calling the wrong section! She said, she couldn’t do anything about my problem because it wasn’t part of her job. She’s right of course but to tell a customer that she couldn’t do anything about it?  At all?  Really?

Exasperated, I asked her to get me someone who could do something about my concern! She hesitated for a moment then advised me to wait for a moment while she calls her supervisor. After a couple of minutes, supervisor is on the phone.

“Hello sir. Sorry about your problem. Let me just get your contact numbers so I can inform the billing department regarding your concern.”

I gave my mobile number.

“What time of the day is most convenient for you?”

Anytime, I said. As long as you call me on my mobile. You won’t be able to contact me through my landline during office hours, I added.

“Thank you sir. I will forward your concern to the billing department and someone will call you tomorrow.”

That was three days ago. No calls until now. Great service, right?

This is not the first time this happened, the bad service I mean. I actually am already a regular caller of PLDT’s hotline but most of my concerns were due to the crappy DSL connection! I call them almost once a week complaining of the frequently interrupted internet connection. Until now, no permanent or even a relatively long-term solution has been done to solve the problem.

I have, a million times, considered switching to another service provider. Unfortunately, as I live in a condominium and the lines/cables are somehow connected in a way such that there is only one provider for the whole building, it is not as easy to change ISP. I have already tried SmartBro and as it belongs to the same company, no surprise, service is the same – sucks big time!

Globe has a new offering, the WiMax. Not sure how fast or efficient it is. It is relatively new so there aren’t a lot of feedback about it yet. But that is one of my choices.

But for now, I am praying to all gods to give me patience, tons and tons! I will try to call PLDT again. We’ll see what’ll happen. I already have very low expectations so I won’t easily be disappointed. But knowing PLDT, I surely will be. Boooo!

  1. van says:

    100x Like

    • TDJohnston says:

      I am at this moment at WAR with PLDT regarding my Broadband connection and their pathetic customer service. I arrived back in Manila after a 3 month holiday back in Australia and was annoyed to find my broadband connection was dropping out randomly and sometimes I am left with no net connection for up to 6 hours on end and when I do have a connection I am only getting around 12kbs instead of the 3mbps that I am paying for.

      1st call to PLDT after waitig for 30 minutes I was able to report the issue and specifically informed them that it is NOT the modem but the PSTN line itself as I can hear static when I am on the phone, even when I unplug the modem and directly connect the phone to the wall, and I also asked them to run a broadband integrity line check and a PSTN standard line check. They said they will call back within an hour as I refused to allow them to create a ticket which will take 24 hours to process (As paying customers we have the right to disregard their 24 hour ticket reporting system and if the agent says otherwise demand to speak to their direct supervisor who cannot deny your claim to disregard their 24 hour bullshit), PLDT called me back 5 hours later and informed me they were sending a tech in the morning to resolve the issue.

      The next morning a Tech did arrive 3 hours late from the scheduled timeframe and totally disregards my input even if I did worked as a Business Solutions Executive with a Phone company in Australia back in 06 specialising in business communications which includes multi tiered broadband/fibre to the node system customisation. He then proceeds to replacing my modem which has nothing wrong with it as I have mentioned to PLDT the day before. We tried to access the net which failed as I predicted and the Tech’s reply was “umm sir, it maybe takes time for the modem to accept the ADSL… which is complete nonsense and just proved he had no idea what he was doing. I asked him if PLDT ran the line checks that I requested and he simply replied “NO SIR”. he hurried away and I had to leave myself to pick up some friends before heading to Puerto Galera.

      While I was in puerto Galera I again contacted PLDT.

      Call 2 – I informed them how the net is still not working before I left and they bluntly just told me to see how things are when I get back from holiday even after informing them that my house helper was monitoring it for me. So I waited.

      Call 3 (6 days later) I again waited 30 minutes to get through and informed them of what has happend and the agent said she will get someone from tech support to call me within the hour… The call never came. I decided to call them AGAIN on the next day.

      Call 4 – I asked them how come I hadnt had a call from PLDT regarding the issue and she basically said she will re-raise the issue and I should expect some feedback in the next few hours and she apologised profusely. The call never came.

      Call 5 – I left it for 2 days before calling them back again as I had other priorities to resolve. So I rang them again this time asking to be connected directly to a supervisor, from the start she already pissed me off by taking the call and saying good morning mam sir even if it was 4pm and I am a SIR not a HESHE. I explained the entire situation explained how I was promised calls that never happend and also informed her that I will NOT be paying for a full months worth of service charge and instead I will only pay them 50% of what the monthly charge will be. She didnt know how to answer me and informed me that she will create a ticket and I have to wait 24 hours for a reply to which I demanded her to take action immediately and to contact her counterpart in their tech department and take to resolve it NOW!! she tried to tell me she couldnt do that and she was adament untill I mentioned the GOLDEN WORD (SOLICITOR/ATTORNEY) and her tone changed from being unsympathetic to my new best friend and she promised to call me back in 30 minutes to report back to me on any updates.

      She did ring me an hour and a half later and informed me that she was still waiting for tech support to respond to her and that she will call me back once she gets a response!

      That was 5 Days ago and untill now no calls and I have given up on PLDT and have now subscribed to Sky who have a very efficient and were able to churn me over to their service in less than 24 hours.

      Advice to anyone DONT GO NEAR PLDT OR SMART!! I have had issues with SMART in the past and they should change their name to DUMBASS.

      I have also instructed my Solicitor to take any and all action at any cost against PLDT for loss of Income as I run a business in Australia and because I have had no or very little access to the internet that this has directly resulted in a 60% decrease in income and profit as I have not been able to contact suppliers, make orders or even go on internet banking to pay my employees. I had to ask a friend to pay them on my behalf.

      • aangron says:

        Yaiks. What an experience! BTW, thanks for all the tips. I learned a lot from what you shared. The story I shared was just one of the many PLDT horror stories that I have personally experienced. I wish I, too, could switch to another ISP. But regretably, I am still with PLDT as this is the only company allowed in my building. In fairness to PLDT, I haven’t had any problems with my internet for while now. But still, thanks to your comments, I think I will revisit the idea of convincing my building administrator and fellow tenants to switch companies.

  2. Steve says:

    We have been in the Philippines for a year now and i had all the problems in the world with PLDT… that worst is likely the message you hear when you call… “In order to continue offering the best service in the industry….” They are the worst in the industry for sure… but they are the only one that supply our building 1322 Roxas, that’s the Golden Empire Tower!!!

    Bad connections, disconnection and frustration is only the tip of the iceberg with this retards!

    • mark says:

      phone + internet went dead, called them this morning, ok they said, they’ll send someone… It’s now evening and not even a shadow of their so called repairmen arrived. Called the 173 multiple times the day to boot. Sucks, both their call center and their repair crew.

      January 2013, Paco, Manila area.

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