Cafe Provencal

Posted: May 7, 2010 in food

I was in queue for a taxi going to the bus terminal. The line was not moving at all. Thousands of taxis in Metro Manila and not one happens by Shangri la! I decided to ditch the line and have dinner first.

A burger? I just had one a couple of days ago. Japanese? Hmmm… Something Italian? Oohh. Been craving for pizza for the longest time now.

Cafe Provencal popped into my head. I had only been there once with a friend and had one too many mozzarella balls. But they were good. Cafe Provencal it is!

I ordered their meatiest pizza. I forget what it’s called. And to wash it down, I got the apple-orange shake.

The pizza was thin crust, crispy and with lots of toppings. It was kind of greasy.  Actually very greasy and seemed like it’s been dipped in oil before it was served. But it was tasty and the serving was more than enough for me. I was only able to eat half of it.

What made my day was the fruit shake. It was cold (Duh! Shake!). Haha. It tasted fresh (if ‘fresh’ was a taste). Naturally sweet!  And the combination of the apple and orange was just perfect. It was refreshing and smooth!

Overall, the service there was very good. But maybe because they were serving only a couple of customers. Nonetheless, the waiters were fast and efficient. I would love to go there again if only for the apple-orange shake! Yummm!


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