election weekend

Posted: May 22, 2010 in travel

Tired of all the commotion surrounding the 2010 elections my siblings and I decided to go out of town, destination:  Puerto de San Juan.  Initially, we were planning to go surfing.  Unfortunately, all rooms at San Juan Surf Resort, allegedly the best surf resort in the north were booked.  We had to settle for any available beach resort with a big pool.

There are not many high-end resorts in the north.  Actually, it is kind of disappointing that the government is not developing the beautiful natural resources of Luzon.  You can count with one hand the resorts worthy of mention.  And since there are very few of them, every single one is fully booked.

We scoured the internet for other ‘okay’ resorts that weren’t so far north but there aren’t many.  We settled on Puerto de San Juan.  It was beach  front and they had 2 pools, one for adults and one for kids.  Pictures posted on their website were also nice and the rates weren’t so high.  And the best thing is, they have an available room for us!  Yey!

So off to PSJ we went.  The drive was a little more than 3 hours. There were a lot of directional signages, which helped a lot.  Thankfully, there weren’t a lot of campaign vehicles on the road so there was almost no traffic except of course when going through areas where the public market is by the nationl road (Whoever had this great idea anyway? Main thoroughfares should be kept open and clear) .  We took the Magilas trail instead of the MacArthur High way to avoid going through Urdaneta, which most of the time is really crowded.

Puerto de San Juan was not difficult to find because there were a lot of directional signage on the road.  So this is the place.  They have 2 pools – one for kids and a bigger one for general use.

We were excited to go to the beach but unfortunately, there were a lot of jelly fishes at the time.  But hard-headed that I am, I still tried the swimming in the beach.  The jelly fishes weren’t happy with my company though, a couple stinging me soon as I went into the water.  Ouch.

The beach front was no Boracay.  It has a steep slope, gray sands and surprisingly, as I know San Juan beaches are good for surfing, gentle waves.  Apparently, the surfing paradise was limited to an area a little more south from where we’re at.

Since we couldn’t enjoy the seawater, I convinced everyone to have a pictorial instead.  Hahaha.  I brought along my tripod so were able to get pictures with all of us there.  We had a difficult time getting the hang of the timer though.  But here’s some of the relatively good ones we had. 🙂

After, we enjoyed the pool.  But even if the water was already warm, thanks to the very hot sun, we still spent a lot of time floating, treading and splashing around!  The pool was open to the public, for a fee of course, so we had a lot of company.  But the pool was big enough for everyone so we still had a lot of room to for swimming.

Food at the resort was relatively expensive, as with other resorts, so we decided to just go to the city to have dinner. It was only a 10-15 minute drive anyway.  There were no activities in the area at night so we stayed in our room watching Pilipinas Got Talent and wifi-ing while drinking martini. 🙂

There was more swimming and picture taking the next day.  Check out time was 12 noon.  For lunch, the receptionist recommended a restaurant by the river further north. It’s about 20 minutes from the resort and situated almost under the bridge.  It’s a quaint little place serving seafood fresh from their make shift pond in the river.

On the way home, we dropped by a few landmarks.  I was also curious about Thunderbird’s Poro Point, so we decided to check that out, too.

Poro Point is the only 5-star hotel-resort in the north and even if it is a tad pricey, they were still fully booked til June.  I’d wanna go there sometime, maybe next summer?

So that’s election weekend for me – fingers clean and ink-free.  And though I immensely enjoyed the trip, I feel delinquent for not exercising my right and my duty and a disappointed for not being congratulated by the PCOS machine and not being part of history.

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