yes, i can dance!

Posted: May 22, 2010 in dance
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So you think you can dance season 7 is starting next week!  Just a few more days! I am soooooo excited.

There are a lot of changes to this new season.  There will only be 10 competing dancers and instead of dancing with each other, they will be partnered with former So You Think You Can Dance favorites.  Mia Michaels will also be back this season choreographing group routines.  Mary Murphy won’t be a permanent judge anymore and there are rumors that Paula Abdul will grace the show.  Hmmm…can’t wait!

Here’s a promotional picture of the SYTYCD All Stars with the lovely Cat Deeley.

I am looking forward to seeing Mark, Anya, Allison, Neil and the rest of the All Stars perform on SYTYCD stage once again.  To know more about the picture and the show, visit SYTYCDISM and Fox.  Behind the scenes of the photoshoot may be viewed here.  And to know more about the All Stars, click here and here.

Here’s a taste of the coming season:

Plus more promos here.


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