Posted: June 6, 2010 in technology
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Hi.  I am Ron and I am a twitter addict!

I started tweeting October 31, 2009 and my first tweet was about the weather. Hahaha.. Small talk… This was post-Ondoy and Pepeng.  As you can see, I was using twitterrific then.  Now, it’s twitbird.  I have tried the other twitter apps for iphone, too, and among those I have tried so far, I think, twitbird is the best for my needs.

I have only so far tried free twitter applications. =) Five, last time I checked: twitterrific for iphone, twitter for iphone, tweetdeck for iphone, twitbird for iphone and ubertwitter for blackberry.  Like I mentioned, the first I tried was twitterrific.

It’s a good twitter app and has all the basics you’ll need to tweet, follow, unfollow and DM other twitter users. It allows you to post pics and vids.  I forget though which they use – twitpic, yfrog or tweetphoto.  Maybe all.  If I am not mistaken, I think it also has a desktop client.  But the reason I sought another application was the absence of twitlonger support.  I know that the beauty and essence of twitter is to blog your life and share your thoughts in just 140 characters.  But sometimes, 140 characters isn’t just enough.  So I tried looking for other applications.

According to a mashable articletweetdeck is the second most popular twitter client next to the twitter site of course.  So I tried that.  Like twitterrific, it also has the basic things you’ll need including desktop support.  But the difference is, it presents things in columns.  You have a column for tweets of people you follow, another for mentions and still another for DMs.  One other feature of tweetdeck is facebook support.  So for people who are active in both social networks, you can update both your facebook and twitter accounts using just one application.

Tweetdeck has a good interface.  It makes available everything you will need to send a tweet – the links, pics, etc are just a click away.  However, it still doesn’t support twitlonger.  And though I also maintain a facebook account, I choose to separate what I share in the two sites.

Twitter for iphone, previously tweetie, is a relatively new application.  It is the official twitter app for iphone.  It currently is the top downloaded free app in Itunes Philippines so I just had to try it.  Sadly, it did not live up to my expectations.  Again, no twitlonger support.  It shows you that you have unread tweets but doesn’t differentiate which is which.  Also, the @ feature, which supposedly helps you find the twitter name of the person you are tweeting, only brings up recently tweeted people.

And my favorite of all the iphone twitter apps is twitbird.  First, it has support for twitlonger, which I use often.  Second, the search feature (@) includes all the people you follow as well as others you have recently tweeted.  Third, it supports read it later, twitpic, yfrog, tweetphoto and a lot more third party applications.  There are a lot more nifty features that I don’t get to use as much but may be useful for you.  I don’t think it has a desktop support though, so that’s a minus.

And lastly, ubertwitter, which a lot of you may know is an application not for the iphone but for the blackberry.  It’s a good app and also has support for twitlonger but I like tweeting using my iphone better. =)

The good thing about all these apps is that they are all FREE so you can try each one of them and find the one that fits your wants and needs.  Happy tweeting!

update (June 7, 2010)

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