sleep all day

Posted: June 11, 2010 in dance
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I am listening to Jason Mraz belt sleep all day on my ipod as I wait for my sister to finish preparing for work.  We’re a little late coz we woke up late.  We tried doing the insanity workout pure cardio last night and we died half way through.  This is our second life, actually.  Haha!

I dance regularly so I should be at least considered “fit.”  But a week here at my parents –  no physical activity, everything prepared for you and delicious home cooked food, I guess, caught up with me.  The warm up alone was tiring.  My sister and I barely got through it.  It was a series of jogs, jumping jacks, lunges and a lot of other stuff.  Then came the serious stuff – kicks, jumps, push-ups, lunges, shuffles, knee-high jogs.  It was impossible, at least for us to do it continuously.  We had to take looooong breaks in between,  About a third through, my sister quit.  She already wasn’t feeling good and was ready to faint.  I, on the other hand, had a stitch on my left side but continued at a much slower pace than the group of Shaun T while taking loong water breaks in between.

Gosh!  I have never had a work out that intense ever in my life!  Even if I was just doing it at half-pace and half the intensity (compared to the video), I still was drenched in my sweat after and could barely do the cool down.

I woke up this morning with quads and my core sore!  I didn’t wanna move. But I had to because I still had work.  Aaargh.  I just wanted to stay in bed the entire day!

But the workout last night was good even if it left me pacing like a snail today.  I swear I will get to Shaun T’s fitness level.  Hopefully, soon!  This year perhaps.  But I will do it again, over and over.  Insanity it may be but I’ll have crazy abs in the end!  Go insanity!


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