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Posted: June 13, 2010 in dance, tv
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So you think you can dance Vegas week never fails to make me cry.  The amount of talent there is just absurd!  It’s amazing how the judges are still able to sift out the dancers, rank each of them and determine who is and isn’t deserving to be in the show.  I am just in awe.

Watching dancer after dancer perform their heart out is just oh-so-wonderful.  Seeing them humble while recognizing the immense talents of their colleagues?  Tears.

Anthony Burrell was the first to make my eyes water when he danced as beautiful as he did despite his injured hamstring.  And he continued through the rest of the auditions with as much vigor as if pain was not there.  That’s passion!  Unfortunately, the judges did not put him through to the top 10.

Tears continued flowing as Anthony with Alex Wong (one of the favorites in season 6 who did not make it to the top 20 then because of contract issues) and Kent Boyd, contemporary dancers all, executed Travis Wall’s choreography for the contemporary round almost to perfection.  You can see from the judges’ reactions how amazed and proud they were of these three.  And since I can only dream of having their talent, I was moved to more tears.

Alex Wong is a principal soloist in a premiere ballet company.  Expectedly, he is a great technician and handled the choreography with ease.  The judges commented on his so-so performance, however, citing that he wasn’t pouring much of his heart into it.

Anthony, who was worried he’d be eclipsed by Alex, did the opposite.  The judges were moved by his performance especially because it never seemed for a second that his injury was an issue.  Bravo for the commitment!

Kent Boyd, the underdog among the three, stood quietly while waiting for the critiques from the judges.  Nigel started out neutral but said yes eventually.  Mary Murphy gave a resounding yes.  Adam likened Kent to him commenting on how they both wanted approval but don’t know how to handle them when they get it.  Kent reacted.

“When I feel like I put everything into it, it usually doesn’t work out.  And then I feel like I came here and I just expected to learn and chill in the background and watch Billy Bell and all these people and just grow from them.  And then you guys, like, you know, you make me think like I could be on it.  And then, I just, I was just so hard on myself because I was just, okay, if I give all of this and it’s not gonna happen.”

“I am just so proud of myself.  I am from a freakin’ farm. And I just danced like next to Alex freakin Wong and Anthony who could freakin’ smash the crap out of me.  You know I’ll never have kicks like them.  But you know, I mean, I, obviously I mean, I have the heart you know.  And I just, I want, to get the kicks, I want to be, I just want it you know.”

And Adam goes ” They have something to be scared of with you. You’re that good you know”

“Oh, Thank you baby Jesus!” utters Kent.

Lil C, was also in tears explaining how good Kent is and how he should always continue believing in his talent!

24 dancers in total made it to the last day of Vegas and danced their solos!  First to perform was Lauren Froderman and boy did she bring it!  You HAVE to see it!

More tears flowed as I watched her perform.  The passion matched with the talent and technique is simply irresistible.  Aaagh!  If only I had that talent!  But though I may not be content just watching, I am very happy for all of the 11 dancers who made it to the show.  I feel for the other 13 who didn’t make it and pray that they get better in their craft and try again another year.

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