drive safely

Posted: June 15, 2010 in mission, personal
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Back when I was an intern, I was tasked to accompany a patient in an ambulance to have a scan taken in another facility.  On our way back to the hospital, an accident happened.

We had our sirens on, our ambulance running within speed limit.  We were crossing an intersection when a bus suddenly appeared on our side.  The ambulance driver didn’t have time to do anything.  The bus hit the side of the ambulance where I was sitting.  The first thing I did was to make sure my patient was okay.  My kid patient was thrown off his stretcher but seemed fine, nothing serious, just a few scrapes.  I checked myself, just a bruise; the driver was okay as well.  I called 117, got the plate number of the bus and the name of the bus driver.  As soon as the police came 5 minutes later, I narrated the incident and asked if we could go ahead because I wanna get my patient to the hospital right away to make sure that everything is indeed okay.

Today, I was in a taxi on my way home from the province.  The driver was in his late 50s maybe and, I surmised from his driving, dreams of joining the F1.  I reminded him to slow down, I wasn’t in a hurry I said.  He proceeded to swerve and snake through every space he could find.  I told him off a couple more times, asking him to be careful with his driving.  Still the same.  I changed my position, shifted so that if an accident happens, I won’t be hurt that bad.

And then we came into an intersection, around 500 m away I already saw that cars were stopping. Red light.  But we didn’t slow down.  I braced myself.  I was afraid, thinking an accident may happen anytime.  And then, another taxi, way in front of us, swerved into our lane.  My taxi driver couldn’t do anything but step on the breaks.  Blaaag.  There was no way for him to avoid the other taxi.

I was okay.  After making sure, everyone else was too, I paid the meter, got into another taxi and went home.

I had no physical injuries, not even a scrape or a bruise.  But I was a little shaken.  They say everything comes in three’s.  I already had two.  AFRAID.


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