Competition Day 1. SYTYCD.

Posted: June 18, 2010 in dance, tv
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As it happens.  Watch the first competition day of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7.

Billy danced a broadway piece by Tyce D’Orio with Lauren.  Fast routine.  Danced well but I feel that Billy could have given more.

Cristina is partnered with Mark Kanemura.  They’ll be doing a Sonya Tyre routine.  Jazz.  Music and choreography is typical Sonya.  Stylized jazz.  Crazy-twisted.  Lotsa head rolls.  Not so catchy though.  But it was nice to see Mark doing Sonya’s choreography again!  Remember the garden routine with Courtney Galiano?  Judges were happy with it…

Jose does yoga!  But for the first week, he’ll be doing a Nappytabs hip-hop with Comfort Fedoke.  Not you r typical hip-hop.  Music by Ne-Yo. Beautiful monster.  Best routine so far. So far.  Nigel agrees; gives an outstanding.

Adechike partners wit Kathrynn for a Travis Wall piece.  Kathryn’s high heels have a huge participation in the piece.  It isn’t just about steps says Nigel.  Praises for Travis’ choreo and Kathryn’s dancing and performance from all three judges..

Cat Deeley looking really fab!

Melinda and Pasha doing jive by Melanie and Tony.  Melinda thinks it’s gonna be pretty hot.  I think it’s not even lukewarm.  It lacks sharpness.  Nigel thinks the style doesn’t suit Melinda.  I agree.  Nigel even predicts that Melinda will be at the bottom.  It lacks sexiness says Mia.  Your hands sometimes don’t have the purity of line, comments Adam.

Alex and Allison doing Sonya’s second piece for the night.  Amazing!  But sometimes, I can see what the judges referred to in Vegas week about Alex’s lack of timing.  Some parts.  Very minor parts really.  First chills of the season – Cat Deeley.  Nigel is sleepless and declares that Alex has declared a new standard for SYTYCD.  Alex is in tears.  Don’t forget the poetry of dance, according to Nigel.  Absolutely fantastic!  Mia:  that’s the best, hands down, piece of work danced on so you think you can dance stage anywhere in the world up to date!  Sheer perfection are Alex and Allison.  Sheer genius is Sonya.  Unbelievable says Adam.

Alexie and Twitch.  Nappytabs #2.  Butterfly by Jason Mraz.  Love that song.  Cutesy performance.  Light.  Easy.

Lauren with Ade for a Mandy Moore routine.  Ade has a mohawk.  Red sofa as prop.  Actually, lots of props tonight.  Another cutesy performance.  Light and fun.  Mia says it feels like it was just a first draft.

Kent and Anya. Tony and Melanie piece.  Kent is adorable.  Anya is hot.  Nope.  Anya is smoldering!  Entertaining.  I barely noticed that Kent does not really have the technique.  Nigel loves the performance except for a small part in the middle.  A kid dancing with a lion?  Haha.  Funny Adam!

Ashley partners with Neil for a Tyce contemporary routine.  A touching piece danced beautifully.  Emotions and performance seems to be lacking for a lot of the dancers, including Ashley.

Robert does an African jazz with Courtney.  Very nice.  Rhythm and abandonment.  Nigel declares Robert the dark horse of the competition.  Adam declares Robert one of the best!

Favorite routine of the night: Alex Wong and Allison

Favorite dancer of the night: Kent

Favorite All Star:  Anya

Least liked performance: Melinda’s jive

I think I wanna see Alex and Allison’s routine one more time…

**Links are to the twitter pages of the SYTYCD judges and dancers.


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