chicken all you can

Posted: June 19, 2010 in food

Had fun last night with friends.  We were supposed to have dinner at Cyma because Au was craving for their salad.  But luckily I chanced upon an advertisement, I forget where, of the new promo of Max’s for their 65th anniversary.

Chicken all you can!  PPs and PGs that we are, we HAD to try it out.  All the chicken you can eat plus bottomless drinks (for an additional P39)!  Pig-out!  Three of us, including me, were able to finish a whole chicken each! Ha!  The evidence:

The promo lasts until July 17 I think, and is available from 7-10 om only.  I’m not really sure though if it’s available in all branches of Max’s.

Despite our globular tummies, we still decided to go to Cafe Breton to have coffee and dessert.

I don’t remember which crepes we had.  There was one called French Kiss (?), which was really good.  I even had to cut my conversation with Elsa, who is vacationing in Germany, so I could concentrate on eating! =)  I also had Vanilla legoise – vanilla ice cream, coffee and chocolate syrup!  Yum.

  1. […] hahaha), I was intrigued and wondered how many slices I could eat.  Remember the max’s chicken-all-you-can?  […]

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