twitbird 2.5

Posted: June 20, 2010 in technology
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I did mention here on my blog, the twitter post, that I love twitbird the most among all the third party apps for twitter.  It has almost all of the things that I look for in a twitter application.

Two days ago, nibrutech, the makers of twitbird released an update.  Twitbird 2.5 is now available free for download in Itunes!  Here are the features of twitbird according to their page on the Itunes Store plus a little more info I added (in italics) based on actual use:

1.  Handle multiple twitter accounts

2.  View twitter timeline, replies and direct messages

3.  Manage favorite tweets

4.  Browse following and followers

5.  Compose new tweets

6.  Fast retweets

7.  Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages

8.  Follow and unfollow people

9.  Inline twitpic image viewer

10.  Upload pics to twitpic, tweetphoto,, yfrog, mobypicture, posterous, twipl

11.  Unparalleled scrolling performance

12.  Twitlonger support

13.  Uses secure connection

14.  Custom searches

15.  Nearby searching

16.  Save favorite searches

17.  Landscape keyboard

18.  Conversational threaded tweets

19.  Textexpander support

20.  Text effects and emoji emoticons

Some of the unique features of twitbird, still from the Itunes Store page:

1.  Badges to show number of unread tweets

2.  Landscape mode everywhere

3.  Landscape inline browser

4.  Address book

5. Facebook integration

6.  Landscape launch to compose

7.  Customizable user home screen

8.  Group feature

9.  Cached tweets for faster loading

10.  In place profile viewer

Those in bold are things that I really appreciate from Twitbird.  And aside from those mentioned, there is one other thing that makes it stand out for me:  now playing integration.  You can tweet the song that’s currently playing in your iphone or look for a song that you want to tweet.  Kewl!

With all these cool features, who’ll want another application?  Twitbird has almost everything you’ll need or want.  The only thing missing now is a free desktop or mac application and it’ll be perfect!

  1. Great article on a related page and didn’t quite get it. Your entry helped me understand it better.

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