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Posted: June 24, 2010 in dance, tv
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Allison is one of my favorites ever in So you Think You Can Dance.  She specializes in contemporary but does extremely well in other genres as well.  I love all of the routines she did in Season 2.  Too bad she only made it to the top 8.

Here’s one of her videos during a rehearsal for a Gina Starbuck choreography to U by Ida Korr.  I really love how she moves and how she expresses the emotions of the piece.  She’s truly one of a kind.  No offense to the other dancer but it would have been better had Allison been left to do a solo.

In SYTYCD Season 2, Allison was partnered with Ivan, a hip hop dancer with no technical training.  But despite this, the two were still able to give wonderful performances, the most memorable would be Tyce Di Orio’s contemporary piece ‘Why.’  It was such a heartfelt performance that brought the judges to tears.

Even with other genres, Allison was still able to shine, maximizing on her technical training.  The lines she creates whenever she lifts her legs to the air are simply stunning.  Here’re samples of her salsa and tango routines (videos of the tango routines also include performances from the other dancers as well as compiled by gabimjackson).

Even in hip hop, Allison is great.  Here’s a cute lyrical hip hop routine, also with Ivan choreographed by Shane Sparks:

Allison’s now back as an All Star in Season 7 partnering Alex Wong in a beautiful piece by Sonya for the first competition day.  Both of them were really giving their hearts out in the performance.  There weren’t a lot of close-up shots of Allison but from afar, you can already see the emotions, feel them even.  This routine is one of the best that night.

  1. Will says:

    Awesome article,but some of your first few facts are wrong:Allison was on season 2,and she only made it to the top 8.*cougheventhoughsheshouldhavewoncoughcough*

    • aangron says:

      OMG. you’re right. so sorry. mortal sin! hahaha. will edit it now. thanks for the correction. it was my subconscious. i wanted her in every season! =) I agree with you, she really should have won or at least been in the top 2 (i also like travis wall, that’s why…hahahaha)

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