SYTYCD Season 7 Top 10

Posted: June 25, 2010 in dance, tv
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So Neil and Twitch aren’t dancing this time.  Sad.  But there are 10 other All Stars who will perform!

First up is Cristina with Pasha.  They danced to a Jean Marq Paso Doble (James Dooley – Ira Deorum/Sanctus).  Of course Cristina is a ballroom dancer as well so I expected a lot from the routine.  Thankfully, they delivered.  Both dancers were passionate and fiery and sharp.  The music also helped a lot in drawing the viewer in.  Passion, fire and control is what the Paso needed says Nigel.  And that they gave.  Fabulous according to Mia.  Mucho caliente from Adam.

Adechike danced with Allison to a Mandy Moore choreography (DHT feat Edmee – Listen to Your Heart).  It’s contemporary and according to Mandy, is more of a story than a dance.  I’m sure Adechike danced well but I just coudn’t take my eyes off Allison.  She truly moves like an angel, very graceful, very elegant, so full of passion.  Major improvement says Nigel but there should be a smoother flow of the movements.  Tap more into that joy at a much more consistent level instructs Mia.  Dance is an art form but is also a heart form.  Don’t dance from your head says Adam.  Let go.

Alex and Lauren performs a broadway number by Tyce DiOrio, fosse style.  The fosse style is quiet power according to Tyce and Alex did bring quiet power into the dance as well as his arsenal of perfectly executed ponches, jumps and kicks.  I feel like Alex could have danced it more masculine?  But other than that, it was good.  Nigel says Alex needs to work hard in doing other genres.  It was lacking a little in style says Mia.  Adam talks about how every movement was at 11, everything is just flash and no smolder.

Ashley and Mark dances Travis Wall’s contemporary jazz (Annie Lennox – Wonderful).  It’s a hot, hot number full of a lot of tricks, lifts and intricate partner work.  The judges talked about the choreographer not being ‘jazz’ but more contemporary.  But all agree that it was still a pretty fabulous performance.

Billy and Comfort krumps to Lil C’s choreography (Tha J Squad – So You think You Can Krump).  Lil C tries to transform Billy Bell into Billy B Buck and succeeds somewhat.  Billy can throw it like there’s no tomorrow but still lacks the control that should come at the end of the movement.  Nigel believes that Billy has not found the warrior in him yet.  Mia thinks Billy was at the warriors door but didn’t really go in.  He only succeeded in being Billy B Whack.  Adam says it was a bad experiment.  He further shares that krump should be hit, rebound, suspend and there wasn’t enough of those in Billy’s performance.

Seems like the judges either haven’t had good dinners or lacked sleep because all I heard so far were negative comments.

It’s another Jean Marq Genereaux choreo, this time an Argentine Tango for Robert and Anya (Bond Quartet – Libertango).  It’s a really passionate dance, sharp and powerful.  Cat got chills from the performance, a first from a ballroom routine.  Robert was magnificent in the dance according to Nigel.  Mia needed more power from his performance though and says that Anya devoured Robert in the dance.  Adam reminds him to stretch his steps.

It’s Melinda’s turn and she partners All Star Ade in a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine (Skunk Anansie – Squander).  The dance is about the environment and is really physical.  Melinda sort of looks like Kathryn.  And the dance is not really that physical after all.  But Melinda was great.  And all the judges agree.

Jose dances bollywood with Kathryn.  The piece is choreographed by Nicole (Billu Barber – Marjaani Maarjaani Kasame).  Bollywood dances really push the dancers’ endurance and although Jose survives, he didn’t quite get the style required for the dance.  The intricacies needed were somewhat lacking but performance-wise, Jose was good.  The judges agree that the style was lost a little but the performance was still entertaining.

Lauren and Dominic grooves to Tessandra Chavez’s lyrical hip hop routine (Beyonce – If I were  a Boy).  It’s quite an emotional routine and I believed every second of it.  Lauren was really, really good.  And Nigel just said what I said.  (BTW, I am writing this as I watch the episode).  Mia says it was the best performance of the night.  And I totally agree.  Adam says Lauren just turned into an actor.  Extraordinary performance he added.

The last performance for the night is a Tyce DiOrio jazz routine for Kent and Courtney (Amy Winehouse – Amy, Amy, Amy).  Katee Shean assists!  Enjoyable performance but Courtney ate Kent says the judges.

Overall, there wasn’t really a very memorable performance tonight  Nothing that will stay with you after watching the show.  I really liked Travis’s piece though but it was ruined by the judges’ comments.  I also love the lyrical hiphop Tessandra Chavez and Lauren was really good in it.  I wonder how America will vote.


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