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Posted: July 1, 2010 in personal
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I don’t go around Manila that much.   Most of the places I go to are accessible via the LRT or MRT.  The few places I’ve been to that are not near a train station I have reached either by taxi or a friend’s car.  Makati especially is foreign to me so it was really an experience going to Salcedo Village where our group will be practising for our dance fusion routine.

My work is in Pasig so from Shaw Boulevard, I took the MRT and got off at Ayala Avenue.  Makati is strict about the traffic rules so I couldn’t just get on a bus anywhere I wanted.  I had to look for the nearest bus stop along Ayala.  A traffic enforcer was around but timid as I am, I chose to just walk around and figured the bus stop was just a few meters down the road instead of asking.  I came to the first shed from EDSA, discovered that it was an unloading area only and with disbelief found out that buses are capable of following traffic rules!  If they (bus drivers) can do this in Makati, obey rules that is, why can’t they do the same everywhere?

So with much disappointment coupled with amazement, I walked back to the traffic enforcer and did what I should have done minutes ago.  The traffic enforcer, however did not show me where the bus stop is.  He instead waved at a bus then motioned me to hop on.  Typical? Hahaha

On a different note, I just advised a friend to tell the girl he likes how he felt.  He was worried that the feeling might not be mutual and voicing it out might ruin the friendship.  But if the friendship was strong enough, won’t it be able to handle that kind of situation?

So, I actually am trying to convey something using the two stories.  Yes, that we should be more outspoken.  We Filipinos tend to keep quiet about our opinions and are oftentimes reluctant to ask questions.  I, for one, am guilty of both but I am trying to be more vocal.  I still am getting the hang of it but hopefully, I’ll be more comfortable with it soon.

On a totally different but somewhat related note, you may also wanna read this (an article on why men don’t talk that much).


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