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Posted: July 4, 2010 in personal
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This is the second earliest time of day I got drunk.  Yes I know it’s just 10pm and only losers are drunk at this hour of the night so I guess I’m one of those losers.  Hahaha.  After about 5-6 shots of the general’s concoction,  I was already tipsy but everyone kept insisting that it was gonna be the last shot so I ended up having 3 last shots I think but don’t trust me on this because I can barely remember what happened.  In fact, I can even barely recall how I got home and how I am able to recognize the letters in this freaking keyboard.

So anyway, today we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend Tien who passed away way too early.  She succumbed to pneumonia before her 29th birthday.  It’s been two years already and the pain is almost gone but everyone still misses her terribly.  We know she’s in a better place and we’re really very happy for her.

Thanks Ate Tien for always watching over us.  Continue to be our guardian angel!

So back to being drunk.  Haha.  I rarely get drunk because I rarely drink.  There’s just the one time when I barfed after drinking too much.  It as at home.  My cousins and I were drinking scotch and brandy.  I think that was more than 5 years ago.  Aside from that, I only get to the tipsy stage on the rare occasions that I drink.  The other significant time was in celebration of the christening of my god child.  At 3pm, all of us were tipsy already!

I really hope I am making sense here but I doubt I am.  I will check tomorrow when the alcohol wears off.  It seems like I didn’t write anything embarrassing. Hopefully.  I am crossing my fingers.

Anyway, here’s the poison that caused this crazy entry:


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