this morning, I woke up happy

Posted: July 8, 2010 in mission, personal, quotes
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For some unknown reason, I woke up with a smile on my face this morning.  You could say it’s from a nice dream but when I woke up, the last picture in my mind was something I wouldn’t wanna see again.  Ever.  And yet, I was happy.  Still am, thanks for asking.  Happy, that is.  So I resolved on not finding the reason for the happiness and just be.

There are a lot of opinions on happiness going around.  It has been part of many conversations and debates.  A lot of research have actually been done about it.  But til now, I don’t think anyone could categorically declare the key to happiness.  And even more, I don’t think everyone would ever agree on what the key to happiness is.  But that’s just my opinion.

I came across an article just now, not really claiming ways to happiness.  Instead it discusses myths going around about happiness.  The article Happiness: 6 Myths and Truths, from webmd has an interesting take on what comprise happiness.  The 6 myths as enumerated include:

  1. Either you have it or you don’t
  2. Happiness is a destination
  3. You always adapt to your happiness set point
  4. Negative emotions always outweigh the positive ones
  5. Happiness is all about hedonism
  6. One size fits all

I suggest you read the article first before proceeding. =)I don’t necessarily agree with all 6. Wait.  I don’t really understand all 6 (hahaha) but I get what the article is saying and that’s the point I was making all along, that there really is no ONE key to happiness.  It’s partly innate, partly environmental and this is just my opinion, mostly your choice.  Not your genes, not your environment, not your friends, family or spouse determine your happiness.  YOU.  You, and how you react to things around you, how quickly you adapt to situations and how creative you are in finding the positive when everything is bleak.  These determine your happiness.  And happiness, as the article says is not a destination and I will quote Dr. Biswas-Diener – “Happiness isn’t the emotional finish line in the race of life, it’s a process and a resource” (in bold for emphasis).

Happiness begets more happiness.  So let’s all choose to be happy.  I have continually been choosing to be happy.  Maybe, that’s the reason for the big smile this morning.  All the same, that smile brought more smiles and hopefully will bring more tomorrow.

And if you are frowning right about now, maybe this video can help put a smile on your face:

charlie bit my finger

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