So this is how it happens

Posted: July 9, 2010 in mission, personal
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I am at a consensus panel meeting on the clinical practice guideline for diabetes. I am the youngest of about 50 panelists from different organizations. Even though I am only representing my boss, I still feel so important. Haha

We are deciding on the recommendations for the diagnosis, laboratories and screening of diabetes in the Philippines. Members of the panel vote on each statement presented. Questions and comments are entertained prior, then the panel members each raise a green card if they agree with the statement and a red card if they don’t.

Unfortunately, although we are part of the consensus panel, we do not have voting rights.  So I just observe and absorb everything as it happens. It may be quite boring for some but it’s mighty interesting for me. My comments, (well, I haven’t made any yet but my silence sure means something) will affect millions of Filipinos. So I am really taking this seriously. So far, I do agree with the recommendations and have nothing major to share yet, as I have mentioned.

I know I am representing my organization, but I also feel like I am the voice of the ordinary Filipinos.


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