Giant Pizzzaaaa!

Posted: July 11, 2010 in food

Sometime ago, after a tiring dance session, our group decided to pig out.  We were all craving for pizza and one of the group suggested this place.  PG that I am (look it up, look it up. hahaha.  And borrowing my friend’s words, IGMG – i-google mo, g—! hahaha), I was intrigued and wondered how many slices I could eat.  Remember the max’s chicken-all-you-can?  Hahaha

So off we went to El Buono Pizza at Makati Cinema Square.  They boast of the largest pizza in Asia!

El Buono Pizza

Of course we ordered one of their largest.  The biggest they have is the 65 incher, which basically can be used to make a taco out of me!  Haha.  But since there’s just 7 of us, we figured no matter how hungry we were we would not be able to finish the 65-incher.  We opted to get the second largest – 36 inches of pizza, four flavors.  It was yummy but aside from the size, it was nothing special.

Can you finish one by yourself?

  1. monkeyGrove says:

    Wow!!! Giant Pizza I love it. Thank you for your sharing.

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