world cup 2010

Posted: July 12, 2010 in sports, tv
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I don’t care about the world cup.  My knowledge of soccer extends up to David Beckham only.  And I know of him because he is married to Victoria of the Spice Girls.

Each time I see soccer on TV, I immediately reach for the remote and look for another station or maybe just turn the TV off.  Like with golf, I get bored with soccer quite easily which maybe due to the fact that I really do not understand much of what’s happening.  I don’t exactly enjoy watching people just running around in a very big field kicking a ball around.

My first appreciation of soccer was two weeks ago in Bali, Indonesia where most of the bars and restaurants we went to were showing world cup matches.  Forced to endure the match, I slowly appreciated the game.  Although I still do not understand most of what’s happening – like what each player does, or why there is only one referee manning the very big field, I still hoorayed and booed with the rest of the spectators.  And although I still get bored with the slow progress of the scoreline, I now take my hat off to all the soccer players who probably have the endurance of horses for being able to withstand all that running.

Tonight is the culmination of more than a month of sleepless nights for most of the soccer fans in this side of the world.  It’s Netherlands versus Spain.  A lot of the people I know are rooting for teams other than these two.  But I still do not care.  And unlike in tennis, I wouldn’t stay up til the wee hours of the morning to see who will win.  I’m sure twitter world will be buzzing with the news when I log in this morning.

Here’s something I appreciate more than the matches:

And for those of you interested in downloading the song, here‘s a link (not from me though.  just chanced upon it in one of the youtube videos.).

  1. aangron says:

    I just declared that I didn’t care about soccer in this entry but why then am I still up at 3:23 in the morning glued in front of the television cheering for Spain with Shakira singing waka waka in the background? Grrrr…

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