how do you browse the net?

Posted: July 13, 2010 in technology
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I have been using Mozilla Firefox for the longest time now.  Compared to Internet Explorer, I find it easier somehow (or maybe it’s just psychological) to use firefox in browsing the net.

Firefox has add-ons which make life so much easier for me.  I am not sure whether the add-ons has an IE equivalent, haven’t heard of it if there is and if there’s none, Microsoft might see IE doing better if they add something like it to their browser.

That’s how many add-ons there are so far for mozilla.  They have had 2,017,514,112 downloads already!  So far, I have downloaded 5 for my mac:

Web mail notifier notifies me of new mail messages be it from gmail or yahoomail.  Speed dial stores and makes available my favorite sites.  Read it later, which is sync with my iphone, saves webpages for offline viewing.  This is really awesome because it makes my daily one hour commute to work productive.  Fastest fox, I rarely get to use while google gears run quietly in the background.

Now, I am considering google chrome because allegedly it is way faster.  There are a lot of video guides available in their website promoting the features of chrome as well as help the user set it up.  There are extensions, too, but I’m not sure if everything I need is available.  Best to try to know, I guess.  So for the next week or two, I will test drive Google Chrome and hopefully decide on which of Mozilla or Chrome is better for me.


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