a day without power

Posted: July 14, 2010 in technology
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Basyang (international name Conson) passed by Metro Manila yesterday and caused a Luzon-wide blackout.  The Department of Education suspended classes due to the damages brought by the typhoon.  The strong winds, which kept a lot of people awake for fear that the windows and doors are going to be sucked off to oblivion, uprooted many trees and Meralco posts causing massive power outage.

Since there are no classes today but no power, too, children and teens are left at home with nothing to do.  Here‘s an article that suggests ways of keeping them busy in the midst of this power failure.  Karen, the author, suggests 7 things:

  1. Play chess
  2. Get physical
  3. Organize photos
  4. Read a book
  5. Tell a story
  6. Make a fuss about candlelit dinner
  7. Play with shadows

But I doubt if the new generation of teens and children will agree to any of these activities.  The reason is already in the article – the kids nowadays are EPIC (experiential, participative, image-driven and connected).  These kids, save maybe for a small minority, won’t enjoy any of the suggested activities.  I bet they would rather dress up and go to the nearest mall that has a generator and spend the entire day lounging around, watching a movie, window shopping or eating with friends.  I also bet that the coffee shops, especially those with free wifi are so full right now with teens who are charging their phones or laptops so they could update their

I know I would… =)


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