A day after Basyang

Posted: July 15, 2010 in mission, quotes
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Hot. Hot. Hot. The skies are clear and the sun is smiling brightly on Manila as if it’s summer once again. Save from the fallen trees and the scattered leaves and branches, there is almost no indication that a signal number 2 typhoon (if PAG-ASA’s words are to be trusted) just directly hit Manila (contrary to what PAG-ASA reported).

Business as usual in most offices, at least among those whose power have already been restored by Meralco.

Thankfully, not much damage resulted as compared to what Pepeng and Ondoy brought last year. Store owners report however that millions of losses resulted from the Luzon-wide power failure. This stems from the fact that despite the privatization of the National Power Corporation, which supposedly should improve its services, nothing much has changed.

Do we really ever learn from our mistakes? I hope so. I hope, too that this new administration, can deliver the “sunlight” that none of the past administrations were able to provide.


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