Showtime grand finals – showcasing world class Pinoy Talent

Posted: July 25, 2010 in dance, tv
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Showtime, a morning (pre-noontime according to wikipedia) variety show of ABS-CBN that highlights the Filipino talents, had its first ever grand finals yesterday, July 24, 2010 in the jam-packed Ynares Gym in Antipolo.  The show featured 11 groups of talented Filipinos, who won the monthly finals or has been chosen as wild cards.  From dancing, to acrobatics and black lights, the finale was unlike any other.  Each performance came from the heart.  Passion and hunger for the grand prize was evident in each of the faces of the contestants.

The hurados (judges), 40 of them during the finals (38 burado judges have been brought back; Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario completed the line up), had a difficult time deciding who will take home 1 million pesos.  Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro, the hosts, couldn’t give anything but praises to all the finalists.

The third place goes to Boyz Unlimited dancers from Pangasinan.  They are actually my bet for the grand prize.  The precision and sharpness of their movements and stunts just left me in awe.  It actually reminded me of the Philippine All Stars.

The second place went to Philippine Island Assassin.  They had insane moves, too.  Doing headspins in a tower, balancing with one hand for a very long time, air flares and numerous tumbles, all these put this group in line with the likes of the Quest Crew and Jabbawockeez.  They might have to clean their act a little more but they can put any group in America’s Best Dance Crew to shame!

The grand prize winner, XB Gensan also gave an awesome performance!  They were sharp, passionate and strong and had original music to boot!  Bit I really felt like something was missing in their performance.  I can’t put my finger on it though.  Well, everyone is deserving to get the top prize anyway.  So congratulations to all of them!  A round of applause for Filipino talent.  Truly world class!  Go Pinoys!

  1. aangron says:

    I now have greater respect for XB Gen San. I saw them just a while ago in the Buzz and learned that they are all scholars in a university in Mindanao. Also, all of them know ballet because allegedly, it is part of the requirements of their scholarship. So kudos to them.

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