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Posted: July 26, 2010 in fun, music, tv
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This post is plagiarized from the blog of Ms. K Brosas  Ms K is a beautiful and sexy comedienne/singer/actress from the Philippines.  She performs in some of the best comedy bars in Manila and may be seen soon in a yet unnamed TV show.  THIS is her Facebook fan page account.  Her twitter handle is @kbrosas.  She tweets a lot but it’s all good because she is funny as hell.  By the way, you may click here for the entire post.

This is actually a mockery of how Filipinos pronounce or enunciate English words and may not actually be understood by non-speakers of the Filipino language.  But what the hey, it’s funny, so enjoy!  Those in brackets are from me just in case you didn’t get it from the comments of Ms K. =)


01) Contemplate – kulang ang mga pinggan [konting plate]

02) Punctuation – pera para maka-enrol [pang-tuition]

03) Ice Buko – nagtatanong kung ayos na ang buhok [ayos buhok ko]

04) Tenacious – sapatos na pang tennis [tennis shoes]

05) Calculator – tawagan kita mamaya [call you later]

06) Devastation – sakayan ng bus [the bus station]

07) Protestant – Tindahan ng prutas [fruit stand]

08] Statue – Ikaw ba yan? [is that you]

09) Tissue – Ikaw nga! [’tis you]

10) Predicate – Pakawalan mo ang pusa [free the cat]

11) Dedicate – Pinatay ang pusa [dead the cat]

12) Aspect – Pantusok o pandurog ng yelo [ice pick]

13) Deduct – Ang pato [the duck]

14) Defeat – Ang paa (ng pato?) [the feet]

15) Detail – Ang buntot (ng pato?) [the tail]

16) Deposit – Ang Gripo [the faucet]
(Call DIPLOMA if DEPOSIT is leaking) [call the plumber if the faucet is leaking]

17) City – Bago mag-utso; A number to follow 6 [siete]

18] Cattle – Doon nakatila ang Hali at Leyna [castle – pronounced as if with lisp]

19) Persuading – Unang Kasal [first wedding]

20) Depress – Ang nagkasal sa PERSUADING [the priest]

22) Defense – Ginamit ng mga pangsulat sa kontrata sa PERSUADING [the pens]

23) It Depends – Kainin mo ang bakod [eat the fence]

24) Shampoo – Bago mag-labing-isha (11) [sampu]

25) Delusion – Maluwang (kapag maluwang ang damit, eh DELUSION) [di loose yun]

26) Delivery – Walang bayad. Kapag working lunch, eh DELIVERY na ang tanghalian [di free]

27) Profit – Patunayan mo [prove it]

28] Balance Sheet – What comes out after eating a balance diet [balance sh*t]

29) Backlog – bacon saka egg [BAC-on and itLOG]

30) Beehive – magpakatino ka [behave]

31) CD-ROM – tingnan mo ang kwarto [see the room]

32) Debug – ang ipis [the bug]

33) Defrag – ang palaka [the frog]

34) Defense – ang bakod [the fence]

35) Defer – ang balahibo [the fur]

36) Deflate – ang plato [the plate]

37) Detest – ang eksamin [the test]

38] Devalue – ‘yon ang susunod sa letrang V [w]

39) Devote – ang boto [the vote]

40) Dilemma – brownout!, a! [dilim a]

41) Effort – ‘dun nagla-land ang efflane [airport]

42) Forums – apat na kwarto [four rooms]

43) July – nagsinungaling ka ba? [d’you lie]

44) Liturgy – what comes after litur F [letter G]

45) Thesis – ito ay…[this is]

I didn’t really get #26. Hahaha.  Boo me.  Anyway, here’s a video of Ms K superbly interpreting ‘Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka”

  1. iceheaven says:

    yung DELIVERY = Hindi Libre. 🙂 (di libre)

  2. kikaybabes says:

    #26 DELIVERY means FREE. Kapag working lunch daw or say nag-OT ka, yng meal mo eh “di libre”. DI doesn’t mean short for ‘hindi’.. it’s just an expression.

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