SYTYCD top 6 again

Posted: July 29, 2010 in dance, tv
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Guest Judge: Toni Redpath (ballroom expert)

Kent Boyd

Chacha with Anya – My first kiss (3oh!3 feat Ke$sha) choreographed by Jean Marq Genereaux

The judges were nitpicking. I thought Kent was great in his performance. It wasn’t as masculine as it should maybe be but he really did a very good job with it.

Solo – A song for you (Elliot Yamin)

Marvelous as always.  Not Jeanine or Brandon level but okay.


Contemporary with Kathryn – Heaven is a place on earth (Katie Thompson) choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Beyond expectations say the judges. It was a joy to watch especially the first part when the movements were so tender, so light and soft. There was a part in the middle, one of the lifts was a little ‘forced’. It didn’t flow a smoothly but I maybe the one nitpicking this time. Robert is not exactly one of my favorites.

Solo – A beautiful mess (Jason Mraz)

It was fine.  I don’t really enjoy any of the solos in general this season coz they all just keep doing the same thing.  Nice music though as Cat said from my favorite Mr. AZ.


Solo – Giant Squid (RJD2)

He rarely does anything new in his solos. Unlike the other breakers who have been on the show who does tricks after tricks after tricks, Jose is kind of boring. Just a lot of fancy and not-so-fancy footwork.

Hiphop with Comfort – Try a little tenderness (Otis Redding) choreographed by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson

Nigel loved the dance but not Jose’s dancing. Adam says dance the intention. I think I also get what the judges are saying but I loved it! I loved the dance. I like the ghetto-ness feel. I like that Comfort’s dress was so in contrast with the sharpness of her locking. I like the groove and the feel of the entire dance. It was a really fun dance to watch.


Jazz with Courtney – Manteca (Dizzy Gillespie) choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Too many lines almost says Nigel. Ade really needs to loosen up and really dance. It was powerful but like what the judges said, lacked style.

Solo – Pretty WIngs (Maxwell)

Wow.  That straddle jump was 10 feet high!  Very strong indeed and by strong I just mean physically.


Solo – You make me feel like A natural woman (Aretha Franklin)

As always, Lauren was beautiful and powerful and flexible (pronounced flexibul so everything rhymes. Hahaha).

Broadway with Allison – Who’s got the pain? (Damn Yankees) choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Fantastic.  Nothing to critic.  And the judges are absolutely right.  I love Lauren and she’s a fantastic dancer and she was fantastic in the routine.  Allison is there so it’s doubly fantastic!


Solo – Lights go down (Telepathe)

It was better than his previous solos.  At least it didn’t show too much of his quirky, what-the-heck-are-you-doing extensions.  But there’s still enough crazy for him to retain the title of season 7 resident nutjob.

Contemporary with Ade – Mad world (Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules) choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Sheer perfection from Mia.  Great maturity and restraint.  Magnificent.  It was a very moving routine danced beautifully by both Billy and Ade.

Broadway with Kent and Jose – From this moment on (Kiss me Kate) choreographed by Spencer Liff

Fantastic. Born to do it.  Fits like a glove.  All these comments were for KEnt.  Jose was just an after thought.  The style really suited Kent and showed off his playful personality.  His technique of course is superb which also showed how weak Jose’s was.

Foxtrot with Adechike and Lauren – Fever (Beyonce) choreographed by Jean Marq Genereaux

Nigel said it was danced more like a jazz dance rather than ballroom.  I think both did well, not perfect technically but it was respectable.  I was watching it knowing that something is wrong with Lauren because of the tweets from the All Stars so I was really concerned and worried that she might not finish the routine.  Thankfully she was able to.

Bollywood with Robert and Billy – Ganesh (Bombay Dreams) choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan

Nigel reminded the people again of Billy’s injured knee but all judges were pretty satisfied with the performance.  It was a very energetic routine.  There were some issues with synchronization in some parts but overall, okay.  Robert for me was the better dancer.


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