twitter downtime

Posted: August 1, 2010 in news, technology
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Twitter has scheduled maintenance for today at 2pm which will last for approximately five hours.  Whatever will I do for 5 hours?  Addict much? Hahaha..

Read twitter’s official statement here.


330pm:  It’s been an hour. Twitter is still down. I wanna tweet, tweet, tweet!

430pm: twitter is back….more than 2 hours downtime.. hope they fixed everything.. no more stupid white whales and such..

440pm: well, it seems I spoke too soon…  they probably still have some issues to resolve.  i still saw the caterpillar (?).  Well, they said 5 hours in their advisory, so I have no right to complain yet.  Besides, I have been asking them to do this – close down twitter for a few hours and resolve all the issues and upgrade their system.  Hope they are doing just that.  And I am crossing my fingers that they will unveil something new to twitter.


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