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Posted: August 15, 2010 in personal, tennis
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I have decided to abstain from twitter for a while.  Since I joined in September of last year, I think I have spent more and more time with it that I barely have time for other things.  I will try for 30 days to not tweet at all.  But cold turkey may not be the best for me because I do recognize the fact that the temptation is massive and I may not be able to resist it.  To remedy that, I am giving myself a maximum of 5 tweets for those 30 days!

Because I am now abstaining from twitter, I need an outlet for the daily roller coaster of emotions that I feel.  I was looking for a widget or something similar where I could “tweet” or share tiny tidbits of information and emotion but couldn’t find one so I am just going to post them here – an assortment of  topics in one single entry.


The Roger’s Cup in Toronto is coming to an end.  Nadal lost to Murray in straight sets in the top half semis while Federer beat Novak in 3 sets in the bottom half.  This means that Federer will be back to the number 2 ranking by Monday.  This is very good news for Federer fans, me included, because the US open is just a few weeks from now and if the rankings hold, then Federer won’t meet Rafa until the finals.  However, with Murray’s aggressiveness intensifying, he could upset either Fed or Rafa (as he did yesterday) halting a Fed-Rafa US open final.

Globe Iphone 3G

I planned on turning my Iphone 3G on for 30 days and see how much my phone bill would be at the end of the month.  I am on the fourth day today but with twitter abstinence, I wouldn’t need the 3G as much anymore.  So I am re-thinking this plan if there is still a need for it.  Actually, come to think of it, this is quite a stupid endeavor. LOL!


I’ve been dancing a lot lately in preparation for a dance competition this September.  The practices are usually a couple of hours long.  The routine is not simple but not that difficult either.  It however involves the core muscles a lot which exacerbated my chronic low back pain.  Yesterday was the most intense of the practices so far lasting for 6 hours.  After the practice, I could barely move.  I wanted to just lie down and sleep for eternity.  A massage would have been heavenly!  When I woke up this morning, it took me a while to be able to get up.  All my muscles were tensed and my back was especially sore.  Cold compress, stretching and NSAIDS and I might get that massage!


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