Tweet challenge

Posted: August 17, 2010 in personal
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Aaarghh..  This is more challenging than I thought.  Two or three days ago…  Wait let me check.  It’s two days ago (but it actually seems forever) that I promised to stay away from twitter for a while.  Check it here.  The day I said it, was the day I watched CATS the musical with Ms. Lea Salonga as Grizzabella.  She was so purrfect and sang so well that a few hours after I promised to stay away from twitter, I was back  tweeting Ms Lea.  So I only have 4 more tweets left for the next 28 days.  It is going to be the longest 28 days of my entire life!  Hahaha.. This must be how the smokers and alcoholics feel when they try to quit, at least emotionally maybe?  So I hope I’ll be able to see through this challenge.  There’s no money, no prize, no bet involved.  It’s just me challenging myself, trying to up my emotional quotient.  Fingers crossed, I come out as the winner. =)


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