techinewsbreak: iphone 4 in the Philippines

Posted: August 19, 2010 in news, technology
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Globe is now promoting the iphone 4 in their website!  I also received an advisory thru SMS.  Those who are interested to be the first to hear news about availability of the iphone 4 may register on their site.  However, they haven’t committed on when the iphone 4 will be available.  Excited as I am about owning an iphone 4, I still have a lot of apprehensions, though.

There are a lot of issues that have been identified with the first release of the iphone 4 and my obsessive-compulsive self might not be able to handle them.  The most controversial issue is probably about the iphone’s antenna.  They said that holding it in a certain way results in signal loss.  Apple has taken every means to counter this by citing various statistics, which somehow, I think, only prolonged the issue.   Apple has even published in their website an explanation of how signal strength is calculated and how they have painstakingly tested each and every one of their products and ensured that they are fully functional.  Here’s a part of their explanation:

Understanding attenuation and signal loss.

The opposite of amplification, attenuation happens whenever a signal is obstructed. All antennas — including television, radio, GPS, and cellular antennas — can experience attenuation. And with most antennas, the density and composition of the human hand can cause attenuation to a greater degree than some other materials. On a mobile phone, signal loss typically occurs when your hand attenuates the most sensitive part of the antenna. Which, on iPhone 4, is the black strip of the lower left corner of the antenna band.

I actually have no problem with the death grip issue.  In fact, I sort of like having that option.  There were one or two instances before when I so wanted to stop a message from being sent but can’t.  Holding the iphone via the death grip would have been convenient then. LOL.  However, the other issues listed such as the yellow discoloration, busted camera, easily scratched glass and reversed volume buttons may just be too irritating and might make me crazy(ier?).

It also seems like a new batch of iphone 4’s will be released soon.  Apple has issued a deadline for availing the free bumper case:

If you purchase an iPhone 4 before September 30, 2010, you are eligible to receive an iPhone 4 Bumper or a select third-party case from Apple at no charge.

This may mean that iphones purchased after said date may already have new hardware.  I am hoping my inference is correct! *fingers crossed*

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