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busy 1st day of the penultimate month

Posted: October 31, 2010 in personal
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It’s going to be a very busy first day for the penultimate month of the year!

  1. I will be going back to Manila tomorrow, braving the expected traffic from all the cemetery-goers (hahaha… I know this ain’t a word, but who cares.  You get my point, right?).
  2. Laundry is due.  There’s probably 2 or 3 weeks worth of laundry in my basket already.  It’ll be messy to sort through all those clothes!
  3. I have to get a haircut to match my new glasses! Yippee!  This is a fun, fun thing to do.  I’mma stick with my usual haircut since it most suits my blue spectacles! Hahaha
  4. Clean condo. Aaaargghh.. but it has to be done…
  5. Buy groceries, meds, toiletries and the like
  6. Choreograph one song for the performance on November 13…
  7. Re-format my PC.
  8. Back up my mac.
  9. Watch downloaded TV series…
  10. Make a statistical report for work… This is such a bore!  Although I love math and tinkering with excel, I don’t enjoy making reports at all! Bleeh
  11. Read 2 books and 3 journals for work.

That’s a lot of stuff!  The travel alone will take 4-5 hours or longer depending on traffic.  Sorting through laundry will probably take me an hour or less.  Cleaning the condo, about another hour.  The haircut will take an hour, too.  Groceries will probably be an hour also.  That’s already 9 hours of my day!  And I still have to eat lunch and dinner, which means some of the things above won’t get done! Eeerrr.. I wonder which.. Hahaha

charice…or is it bieber?

Posted: October 28, 2010 in music, tv
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Charice Pempengco showing off her amazing impressions of other artists!

Britney, I think, is her best.  Then the chipmunks. Gaga is good, too.  But didn’t like the Bieber so much.

I just wish she had her lyrics right.. =) but she’s still amazing!

I don’t even know if I have the right verb.  But by peel, I mean removing the shell off a hard-boiled egg.  So there.  I hope that we are on the same page now.

Anyway, I had eggs for dinner because I got lazy.  I wanted to use as few dishes as possible so I have less to wash later.  I should just have had bread but I also wanted protein and the quickest to cook ‘protein’ in my kitchen are eggs.

I was contemplating on how to cook the eggs.  There are tons of ways but thankfully I only know of a few – boil, sunny-side up or scramble.  The latter two would involve the use of oil.  That would be messy and harder to clean.  Boiling, on the one hand, involves only water (and a pot and stove of course) with minimal clean up or maybe none at all.

The only problem with boiled eggs is that removing the shell is quite bothersome.  And eating it, the shell I mean, is not an option at all.  At least not for me!  I may be lazy but I ain’t THAT lazy.

So here comes Mr. Google to the rescue…removing shell from egg…peeling egg shells… quick peel an egg..  *ding. ding. ding. ding. ding*  We have a winner!

Isn’t that amazing?  I was skeptical at first, not really believing that it is possible but I tried it.  It really works!  Hahaha… And it’s fun! Try it!  The description even says it will save 4 days of your life.  Now, how many eggs do I have to peel to attain that? Haha

Majestic Morning

Posted: October 26, 2010 in fun, personal, travel
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As a compromise among my different selves (schizzy, aren’t I?), we’ve decided to post this picture of a majestic morning taken on top of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, a breath taking view, literally and figuratively:

Taken at 4095.2 m above sea level, on top of Mt. Kinabalu. Magnificent sunrise.

I have always been a big fan of Britney Spears, the multi-awarded, multi-platinum selling singer and have always liked watching Glee.  So when I learned of the Britney Spears Glee episode, boy, was my excitement through the roof!

Britney has been an icon of my generation and has been one of my inspirations for dance with hits like “Me Against the Music”, “”I’m a Slave for You”, and “Toxic”.

I first noticed Brittany in “Bust Your Windows” by Mercedes.  She was strutting and gyrating like there was no tomorrow.  Ever since, my eyes always go to her when there are dance productions in Glee’s episodes.  (more…)