Posted: October 25, 2010 in dance, music, tv
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That’s Glee’s Mike Chang’s twitter account.  And that’s just one of the new information I learned about this awesome LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) member.

Harry Shum Jr. is a Chinese who grew up in Costa Rica and California.  He is a trilingual dancer whose claim to fame, aside from Glee of course, is being the man behind the US ipod commercials.  He has also appeared in numerous films (You Got Served, Step up 2 and 3d, Sharktale) and tv shows (Boston Public, Raven) and danced with the likes of Beyonce, Ashanti and Mariah Carey.

Apparently, he also sings. But that was not the case in the “Duets” episode of Glee where he and the other Asian girl (not Charice, sorry I forget what her name is) sang “Sing”.  It was a very cute performance, which highlighted his dancing skills but downplayed his singing abilities.  Speaking of cute… how cute is this:

And the last clip is where I got most of the trivia I now know.  Enjoy! And by the way, he is also part of the LXD series!

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