brittany s. pierce vs britney spears

Posted: October 26, 2010 in dance, music, tv
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I have always been a big fan of Britney Spears, the multi-awarded, multi-platinum selling singer and have always liked watching Glee.  So when I learned of the Britney Spears Glee episode, boy, was my excitement through the roof!

Britney has been an icon of my generation and has been one of my inspirations for dance with hits like “Me Against the Music”, “”I’m a Slave for You”, and “Toxic”.

I first noticed Brittany in “Bust Your Windows” by Mercedes.  She was strutting and gyrating like there was no tomorrow.  Ever since, my eyes always go to her when there are dance productions in Glee’s episodes.  I couldn’t find the original clip but here’s one from one from one of their live performances:

Heather Morris, who plays Brittany in Glee, had a very big shoe tiny suit to fill.  Britney’s costumes in her music videos have pushed the boundaries.  Two of the more memorable ones are the VMA “Slave” costume and the “Toxic” bejeweled ‘nude’.

Heather auditioned for my favorite dance show – So You Think You Can Dance.  She tried out with Ben for the second season of the show.

Here are a few more clips compiled by scootgirl101.

Heather, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately,  did not make it to the top 20.  But her dancing talent won’t be denied.  She became one of Beyonce’s back up dancers for “Single Ladies” on her way to being cast as Brittany S. Pierce.

And since, we’re into Glee and I just, a few minutes ago, blogged about Harry Shum, Jr., here they are to teach us how to dougie! =)

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