busy 1st day of the penultimate month

Posted: October 31, 2010 in personal
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It’s going to be a very busy first day for the penultimate month of the year!

  1. I will be going back to Manila tomorrow, braving the expected traffic from all the cemetery-goers (hahaha… I know this ain’t a word, but who cares.  You get my point, right?).
  2. Laundry is due.  There’s probably 2 or 3 weeks worth of laundry in my basket already.  It’ll be messy to sort through all those clothes!
  3. I have to get a haircut to match my new glasses! Yippee!  This is a fun, fun thing to do.  I’mma stick with my usual haircut since it most suits my blue spectacles! Hahaha
  4. Clean condo. Aaaargghh.. but it has to be done…
  5. Buy groceries, meds, toiletries and the like
  6. Choreograph one song for the performance on November 13…
  7. Re-format my PC.
  8. Back up my mac.
  9. Watch downloaded TV series…
  10. Make a statistical report for work… This is such a bore!  Although I love math and tinkering with excel, I don’t enjoy making reports at all! Bleeh
  11. Read 2 books and 3 journals for work.

That’s a lot of stuff!  The travel alone will take 4-5 hours or longer depending on traffic.  Sorting through laundry will probably take me an hour or less.  Cleaning the condo, about another hour.  The haircut will take an hour, too.  Groceries will probably be an hour also.  That’s already 9 hours of my day!  And I still have to eat lunch and dinner, which means some of the things above won’t get done! Eeerrr.. I wonder which.. Hahaha


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