Posted: November 16, 2010 in fun, music, tv
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That is how her tweets usually are.  Oftentimes amusing, sometimes sarcastic, always entertaining!

Physically, she is smokin’ hot! Her legs go on and on and on!  Her beauty is unmatched and her figure?  Well it could do with some ‘upgrade’, hahahaha… kidding.

Alessandra De Rossi (Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone in real life) is a very talented actress having won numerous acting awards.  She usually gets the kontrabida (villain) roles and she is mighty effective at it.  But lately, her talents have been stretched to include comedy.  She recently starred in a 2-part series (fantasy) involving a girl with three heads. LOL.

Her funny antics extend to twitter.  She, along with Vice Ganda (another talented Filipino comedian or comedienne?) and Kean Cipriano (Calla Lily vocalist) has an ongoing twitserye (a soap opera on twitter).  This twitserye was done live in one of Vice Ganda’s gigs.

But she’s not all that.  This girl, too, can rap.  And she’s probably the only one who does this kind of rap!

And as she claims she’s a mermaid, she must have a voice that could rival Ariel’s in Little Mermaid.  She does, actually.

And finally, she’ll be back in primetime again soon as Geena in Green Rose opposite Anne Curtis, Jericho Rosales and Jake Cuenca.

BTW, her website is  Her twitter and tumblr links are there as well.

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  2. applechen says:

    awww.. Sweet Indeed, Alessandra Tiantangco Schiavone de Rossi is the Goddess of all time and the one only Unicorn y Mermaid remaining in Wonderland. Who just bear it all with great passion, faith and compassion. She truly have the ultimate one voice, pure heart and exquisite face value with sultry hair plus such a good soul ,plus pumpy heart w absolute purity of goodness and seems sarcartic world of pancit canton can never beat her. But full of surprises and just beautiful and extremely gorgeous! Thanks!

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  4. Rick Isidro says:

    Nice website! Makes me feel better and happier. Your songs makes a lot of scents and my grateful heart inhales them all.

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