belly dancing

Posted: November 21, 2010 in dance
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I was watching the first few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 3 when I saw this belly dancer.  I know belly dancing (If size was the basis, then I really do know belly dancing. Hahaha.. my belly is not that huge but it is getting out of control lately) but I have never seen it done like that.  The chest pops had me awestruck.  Look for yourself.

I had me going to youtube to look for more videos. This one takes a while before it takes off but it’s worth it.  I think it’s the same Amelia.  She’s amazing but does the belly have to be like that for belly dancing.  I’m thinking, with all these movements, especially since the abdominal and hip muscles are used so much, doesn’t the belly shrink and flatten or do they have to maintain a certain waistline?

I guess not seeing how good Shakira is in gyrating her body and isolating those hip and flank muscles.

Shakira is just wakawaka! i hope she visits Manila soon!

I just have to add this video.  Sadie is amazing!


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