Global movement against hunger: 12 hour famine campaign

Posted: November 23, 2010 in mission, news
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Majority have experienced hunger for one reason or another.  A doctor could be in a surgery for 10 hours straight without food.  A taxi driver could skip a meal to save money.  An admin assistant may delay lunch for a few hours because his/her boss demands that the 100-page manuscript be photocopied and delivered to the client without delay.  A beauty pageant candidate may choose to skip meals to maintain her small waist hours before the swimsuit competition.  A patient due for surgery the following morning may be ordered on ‘non per orem’ (NPO) or no food/water intake hours prior to a medical procedure.

The hunger we experience (or those in the above situations) has either been a personal decision or imposed by someone else.  But the hunger could be relieved at anytime, at our own choosing.

Well, this is not the case for some of our fellow Filipinos.  Statistics show that “every 7 seconds, 1 hungry child dies.”  These children did not choose to be hungry.  They are not hungry because they want to save money.  No, 4 million Filipino families live on a meager P42 every day.  They are not hungry because they are on a diet.  They are not hungry because they are due for a medical procedure.  They definitely are not hungry because their bosses want something done ASAP.

In an effort to raise more awareness on the extent of famine in the country, World Vision , an international child-focused organization, led the “Famine” program, “a global youth movement against hunger that gathers young people from across the world to go without food for a given number of hours as a sign of their radical fight against hunger.”

In the Philippines, the 12-hour famine was more than a success.  More than 2,500 youth signed up and over 1,000 actually joined the rally along with  some of Philippines’ biggest stars.

Renowned broadcaster and World Vision Goodwill Ambassador Karen Davila - "If the students are involved, then you have a movement of young people that want to change the world and feed younger people. Raising funds can happen as long as you have a group of students who are serious about feeding children and stopping hunger."

Singer, actress, TV host and World Vision ambassador for the Youth Nikki Gil - “What‟s 12 hours to go without food if it can help save a child‟s life...What we‟re doing now is not in vain!”

Miriam Quiambao - “This is already a big thing by joining this and just by becoming aware of what‟s really happening out there and the poverty out there. Please store every opportunity. Please help raise more funds so that we can feed the children. Please remember that for every child that we feed, we‟re already giving to God because we love Him.”

World Vision's Ambassador for Children Sam Concepcion - “It‟s been such a great journey and a great experience being part of World Vision. It has opened my mind to some of the realities of life and helped me become a more proactive youth- a teen who is now more aware of what really is going on. It‟s been a great experience and it‟s such a wonderful thing for me to be part of a cause like the 12-Hour Famine. I know that it just started but it already is a success not because of the number of people who came or who will be performing, but it‟s seeing the youth really trying to make a difference and taking that step.”

Acoustic Pop Stars Krissy and Ericka Villongco - “Did you know that nearly 8,000 kids a day under the age of 5 die because of hunger-related causes? Imagine you earn P50 a day or sometimes even less. How are you able to pay the rent, school fees, medical bills and so on. Many of us we‟re not aware of what‟s going on. But we believe that we are experiencing first-hand what these people really go through. Am so happy that many of us youth are here today.”

Nikki and Sam with World Vision‟s Ambassador for Children Tippy Dos Santos - “You must be thinking that this is a small thing that you‟re doing, but altogether, we‟re making a big difference. A lot of us may be thinking „I‟m so hungry right now.‟ But if you think deeper, there are so many children out there who have been hungrier. At times we take food for granted, and it‟s that food and nutrition that these children need. I‟m really thankful that you guys are here. All of us being here- we‟re sharing our love to them. In this small way, because we‟re doing this together our love is felt.”

International Star, World Vision Ambassador for Child Sponsorship and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO) Lea Salonga - “This is the generation that will most undoubtedly change what happens with our country. This is the generation of idealists and activists and people that have the best interest of this country at heart, and in mind. It‟s inspiring to someone like me to see that there are so many young people who are taking up the call to help people that are much more needy. It‟s amazing and awe inspiring.”


“Will always cherish my experience at the WorldVision Famine! Feels so good to be part of something big and significant! Next year ulet!”

“I joined the WorldVision Famine. I fasted for 12 hours to fight hunger [and] to save the world’s hungry children!”

“Yesterday was a great experience for me! Now I know how it’s like to be hungry for a day! I hope there will be another 12-hour Famine in the future! It’s time for us to realize the extent of hunger and poverty and how it affects the poor families. Let’s DO SOMETHING!”

“I haven`t eaten anything yet. Tho I wasn`t able to go there, I`m still fasting for 12 hours. I`m really getting into this! 🙂 Today`s one remarkable day for all of us cause we`re eating nothing to do something!”

“Friends from other schools & universities! WE MADE IT! WorldVision Famine event made us realize that we are really fortunate. 12hours without eating solid food wasn’t easy, but I believe that this advocacy towards hunger and poverty will change the lives of our less fortunate kababayans. But the Crazyfun experience …chosen to play TIMBAsketball with the Smart Gilas Phil Basketball team made my day!”

“Thanks, too, for such a noble cause & wonderful event…yes! we’ll see you next year…count me in…=)”

“What an awesome experience you have left for us. Not only that, this event made us realize that we are really that fortunate to have 3 meals in our table a day. Though the WiFi didn’t work [on] my phone, I believe that I updated myself [with] God through words of prayer and I believe that He is happy [with] our generation who participated in this event. Godbless WorldVision and Godbless the Philippines! :)”

“‎12 hour famine was a success!! 15 and a half [hours] for me though. Thank you so much [my schoolmates] Assumption Famine Participants, most especially the volunteers. Thank you thank you! Congratulations to WorldVision Famine!! Hoorrraaaayyy!! :)”

This event actually reminds me to be grateful for what I have – my loving and supportive family and friends, roof over my head, food, clothing, education and other basic needs.  It also reminds me to share my blessings to our countrymen who are in need.  Thank you World Vision for continuing to help make this world a better place for all of us.

World Vision thanks it sponsor for helping make the “12-hour Famine” a success: Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Listerine, Folded & Hung, Jelly Bean, Binalot, Goldilocks, Event Factory, Bounty Fresh, Smart C, Clinique, Samsung, Bates 141, Maynilad, and Metallite.

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and injustice.

To know more about World Vision and to support this cause call 372-7777 or log on to

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