kung hei fat choi

Posted: February 6, 2011 in personal, plinky, quotes
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And so we welcomed the Chinese New Year last February 3.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone.  For those of you, who like me, have not done well with their new year’s resolutions on the first month of the year, we have another chance! Hooray! Hahahaha..

I have been meaning to get more fit. I am not overweight or anything, not even close to that, at least according to my computations of my body mass index.  I walk a lot, actually more than the recommended 10,000 steps a day.  And I dance a lot, too, at least an hour 3x weekly.  But I still do wanna improve my endurance and flexibility and build a little more tone.

But so far this year, none of my fitness plans has been coming along according to plan.  Though my walking has remained the same (At least I hope, I have no way of confirming because my pedometer has run out of battery and I still haven’t gotten around to buying new ones…. for more than 6 months now), my dancing on the other hand has been reduced to just once a week, twice at the most.  And to add insult to injury, my caloric intake has more than doubled.  Blame it on emotional eating.  I have had a lot of frustrations lately, which I’d rather not talk about.  So all these (+) input and reduced output will transform this ‘kung hei fat choi’ into a ‘well, hello fat boy” if I don’t do something about it soon.

That’s my January so far and it’s the total opposite of what I have envisioned for the year.  But I have not lost hope.  It is after all just the second month of the year and if you follow the Chinese calendar, the new year has just began!

So begins the year of the Rabbit. This will be the start of an exciting time for you, Rooster, as long as you can hold steady. You’ve made plans; now plan on sticking to them. Don’t let your new resolutions evaporate. Even if it seems like you are embarking on a wild goose chase, remember you were born tenacious for a reason, so keep going. February is fraught with every new opportunity for the colorful Rooster. There will be an offer of travel. There will be job options, there will be things to buy, there may be more than a little love. Flirt with them all. Take stock. Check out what you already have early in the month and graduate to placing less emphasis on material goods towards the end. Remember Rooster: wisdom is more precious than riches. Wisdom is gold and material goods are finally a lead weight. Bank on that. Focus on education this month. Read a special book, learn to sing new tune (on key!). Serve as a stellar example to your children, your neighbors and your fellow humans for as long as you can. Oh how they will admire you! Throw yourself into the task of attaining a balance of mind and spirit that will allow you to both recognize and befriend your inner enemies. This equilibrium will free up your emotions, and unencumber your poor heart (which thumps more fiercely than you think). As previously promised, get ready for love with a capital L. February this year is all about Rooster love, love, love. Warning: stay clear of Snakes! While Snakes may make you great friends, you may find them to be sneaky lovers. For now, leave the Snakes in the grass and explore greener fields with an Ox, or perhaps a refined Rabbit (Everyone needs to find some bunny to love)!

So this new year offers a lot of changes, a lot of possibilities.  I just have to be open to them and be ready to accept each challenge.  Every year is a chance for me to be better and BETTER I will be!  I will heed the advise of my Chinese horoscope and “Focus on education…” because “wisdom is more precious than riches.”

January has been a little bit of a struggle but I am now recuperating from its toxicity and is nearing full recharge to surge ahead and claim this year of the rabbit as my own.  Positive thoughts.  Good vibes.  Smile. =)

*Chinese horoscope were taken from a Facebook application.  Predictions were made by Suzanne White.


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