mother, mother I am sick

Posted: February 12, 2011 in personal

I have tonsillopharyngitis!  And it freakin’ hurts so bad.  Really bad.

Friday afternoon, at work, I was already feeling a little under the weather.  Almost all of my office mates were coughing and I figured I’d probably catch the virus sooner or later.  And catch it I did plus more.  I would’ve been grateful for just cough but no!  I had to have tonsillopharyngitis!  It is one of the most painful thing in the world.  Pain radiates from the inner ear to the throat every time you swallow, which physiologically is every 10-20 seconds.  I cannot eat right, which adds to the frustration!  I’ve already taken an antibiotic and am on paracetamol round the clock for the fever and pain.

I hope it goes away soon.  I have already wasted half the weekend lying in bed, nursing my fever and wallowing in self-pity over my predicament.  Thank goodness my parents are here for the weekend visiting me. At least it’s not so bad.


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