Post-tonsillopharyngitis Therapy

Posted: February 15, 2011 in food, fun, personal
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For three days, it was too painful to swallow.  For three days, my heart rate went up whenever I wanted to drink.  For three days, I could barely eat.  For three days, my tonsils were so massive and so painful, swallowing my saliva made me grimace and clench my teeth.

And today that I am pain-free and could theoretically eat what I want, provided that they are available here in the Philippines and that I could afford them and that they can be bought nearby.

I have been munching one junk food after another in between meals the whole day.

nagaraya, terra kettles chips, chicharritos barbecue flavor with sinamak vinegar, marty's plain salted and pringles reduced fat

chips, chocolates and ice cream

Well, I did try to get a few healthy-er food…

bread and cheese, black, seedless grapes, apple and fruit sodas

I have probably gained in 10 hours all the weight I lost in three whole days!  Boy, have a I got a problem or what?  Anyway, I am planning to go to the gym tomorrow and do a bit of cardio, get those muscles moving a bit, make their presence felt or something like it.  I wouldn’t wanna push it too much though considering I just came from an illness.  But hopefully, I get some sort of control over this over-eating soon. =)


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