Are the ants saying something?

Posted: March 16, 2011 in personal
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Three days ago, when I was in the shower, I noticed a line of ants on the ceiling busily marching from one end of the bathroom to the other.

Instantly, the words of my grandfather popped in my brain. He was telling us before that the behavior of the insects can tell you of impending disasters. A swarm of ants, he says, that suddenly appears from the ground seeking higher ground instead of tending to staying in their hill, may indicate an incoming flood. These may seem ridiculous and it probably is, but these superstitions do come with a bit of scientific basis.

The behavior of animals do signify changes in climate. Some birds migrate to warmer areas before the onset of winter. Some insects and animals seek higher ground when water level rises. Ants, too, behave the same way.

But the things is, I live in a condominium and I am way above the ground.  It may not be impossible to have ants at this high but this many, I’m not so sure.  But even though I don’t know what to make of the ants’ appearance in my bathroom, it’s not entirely unwise to be prepared for any calamity considering what just happened recently in Japan, right?  And praying isn’t a bad idea too.


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