Catching Up

Posted: March 21, 2011 in personal
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The day started out slow – waking up sluggish and tired from too many sleepless nights with my neck and back aching like an old man with osteoarthritis.  I had very few things planned.  It’s Sunday anyway.  They say you are supposed to rest and just be grateful for all the things that has come your way.  It was already 9 in the morning and I wasn’t feeling like getting up from and leaving my pillows lonely on my comfortable bed.  It was still too early to get up, for a weekend at least (based on my standards, of course).  So I stayed nestled under the covers snuggling with my pillows while reading tweets from the night before.

I got up after an hour, thirsty and hungry.  But after rummaging through my fridge and cupboard, I was only able to find choc-nut, a brand of peanut milk chocolate candy.  Too lazy to call for food delivery, more so to cook, I decided to just stuff myself with the choc-nut.

When I finally summoned enough energy, I proceeded with more tweeting and facebooking while watching some downloaded shows.  A few minutes after Thia Megia’s performance on American Idol Season 10, while Jennifer Lopez was criticizing her for not utilizing her whole potential as a singer, my phone rang.  My friend, A.L. called inviting me to lunch.

It was a good great surprise!  I haven’t seen her in a looooooong time.  I don’t even remember when we last saw each other anymore.  Goodness.  It was maybe 6 or so months ago.  So much has changed.  She’s now a first year resident in the best training hospital in the Philippines.  She’s so thin now (not that she was fat before, but that’s just the point.  She was already skinny to begin with) that all throughout lunch at Bistro Ravioli, I was constantly coaxing her to eat more.  It was great catching up!  I missed her a lot.

With a little bit of time left before I absolutely had to go and prepare for the dinner/party, I dropped by the department store to buy some stuff.  I was also able to get a hair cut and a foot spa.  The foot spa took a little longer than I anticipated, which made me a little late for the meet up.

Dinner was with the Viajeros, a group of like-minded (I am not sure I would like to be identified as having the same thoughts as some of the people in the group – harhar.  If they read this, they’ll know what I’m talking about.  It’s definitely not an insult.  Just a clarification.  Hahaha) travel enthusiasts out to conquer the world.  We haven’t seen each other in a loooooong while, too.  Last we were together (at least the last time I was with them), was in January 1 when we went to Pangasinan to celebrate the union of two of our friends.  It’s rare for the group to be away from each other this long.  But our mighty bond (Queen T) is busy with missions in a remote location somewhere.

But the culinary skills of Tita (mother of our beloved Tien) will not be denied.  That chicken pastel alone is enough to draw the Viajeros together to our favorite hang out place – the Lanai.  But great as the day was, there was more on the buffet table – prawns (or shrimps, I forget the difference), fish fillet, chicken drumstick, pansit bihon, cake, fresh fruits and Mother P’s to-die-for cupcakes.  We were celebrating the 85th birthday of the grandfather of HRA, our angel’s sister.  Partly, we were also remembering our angel, Tien, the mermaid.  But the real remembrance isn’t until next week.

Fun and laughter is inevitable when we’re together.  It was refreshing to be around these happy-go-lucky bunch of professionals and talk about everything and anything –  the happenings in each of our lives, Gaddhafi, Libya, Bahrain and other unrests in the Middle East, the tsunami and nuclear problem in Japan, Ethel Booba, John Apacible (may he rest in peace), Sarah Geronimo and her 40-page Yes Magazine feature, in vitro fertilization, Glee and the controversial Kurt-Blaine kiss, American Idol and future travels/plans.  It was a great night of catching up.  May it not take this long a time before we get together again Viajeros!

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