Earth Hour… Earth Day… Earth Month… Earth Year

Posted: March 25, 2011 in mission
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Tomorrow at 8:30 pm (Philippine time or +8 GMT time) is Earth Hour.  I have been a part of it for 3 years now.  And again, as in every year, I am urging everyone to be part of it.  Let us dedicate this hour, just an hour at the very least, for our dear planet earth.  It’s very little sacrifice compared to the ginormous benefits we can get from just turning our lights off for 60 minutes.  Here’s El Nido Resorts’ pledge for Earth Hour:

Let’s join El Nido and the rest of the world in this momentous occasion.

But why stop there?  The environment badly needs us.  Everything that has happened recently – earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Japan and Myanmar; tsunamis in Thailand and Japan; floods in New Orleans, Philippines and Australia, are alarms reminding us to wake up and do something to save the Earth.  So don’t stop with just the earth hour.  Save a day each year for the environment.  Then eventually a month until later on, it’ll be a year-round activity.

Here’s another cool thing:  environmental awesomeness

Translations for the French pop-ups in the video may be found in the blog – Sustainability for the Partially Motivated.


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