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Posted: March 30, 2011 in dance, tv
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Here are the five champions from America’s Best Dance Crew according to how dope their performance was during the ABDC Champions for Charity.

First off, the season 2 champion: Super Crew – They were good with  a lot of trick but I don’t think they were very creative in how they incorporated their stunts in the routine.  The little kid is way cool! At that age and with all those stunts, this kid is going to be someone in the dance community in the future. Actually, he may already have made a name for himself young as he is.

Tied at the bottom with the Super Crew is the Poreotrix, season 5 winners.  Their routine was entertaining, but it lacked the stunts that would make their performance really stand out.  Their tutting was a tad slow as compared to how the other crews do it.

Smack in the middle are the girls from season 4.  Women can definitely do what men can and sometimes do it better too.  These 5 girls of We Are Heroes really did bring it!  They have a creative concept and a tight routine complete with some intricate choreography and kick-ass stunts.

Runner up is the first ever ABDC champion – the Jabbawockeez.  These masked guys are some of the cleanest hiphop dancers ever!  And by clean, I don’t mean germ-free, spotless or shiny.  These guys just move with such precision and exactness you’d think they are robots.  They definitely own every crew in the popping and locking department.

And the BEST crew for me? The Quest Crew from Season 3. They simply dance to entertain, mixing some of the craziest stunts with fun choreography with a dash of intricate tutting!  Simply awesome!



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