Noon at Ngayon (Then and Now)

Posted: April 3, 2011 in tv
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I was supposed to do this months ago, around October, or maybe earlier but one distraction after another pushed this draft further and further into my non-priorities. Anyway, back then, ABS-CBN was airing promos for an upcoming remake of a very successful soap opera from the 90s.  The original and new cast were doing this bit – stating their name and their character from the soap opera.  Here’s a clip:

A lot of jokes and parodies came out of this catchy promo.  A lot of people also came up with their own versions of introducing themselves using the ‘then and now’ bit.  I know I had something in mind then but I forget now.  Anyways, I just wanna share it just the same.  Even if it’s months late.  Anyway, I think Mara Clara is still on-going.

Also, today was a reunion of sorts in our family.  A lot of my relatives are here at home (in the province) for my sister’s wedding.  It was a day of then and now – this-was-how they-looked-then-and-this-is-how-they-look-now sort of thing.  One of my cousins barely recognized me.  I guess they still remember the ‘me’ then, who actually, I think is not a lot different.  Yes, I have matured a little in terms of looks and outlooks but I believe the ‘now-me’ still retained most of my ‘then-me’.  Hmmm.. it’s getting a little confusing.  Suffice it say that, the mini-reunion reminded me of ‘then and now’.

Wanna share your ‘then and now’?



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