SYTYCD S8 – top 20 perform

Posted: June 16, 2011 in dance, tv
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Within the first five minutes of the show, news after news have been shared.

Good news: Megan Mullally, my favorite Karen from ‘Will and Grace’ guests as a judge for this night’s performance.

Sad news:  Mitchell, one of the male dancers injured his elbow and won’t be able to dance.

The contestants were given 8 seconds to share something about themselves.  That was a bit of fun learning about the contestants.

  1. Jordan Casanova (jazz) and Tadd Gadduang (breakdance) were first up dancing afro jazz by Sean Cheesman.
  2. Next in line are Sasha Mallory (contemporary) and Alexander Fost (contemporary) dancing Travis Wall’s contemporary routine.
  3. Clarice Ordaz (jazz) and Jess LeProtto (broadway) are the third on stage with Tyce DiOrio’s broadway routine. Kate Shean and Kent from Season 7 assisted Tyce. Nice.
  4. Ryan Ramirez (contemporary) and Ricky Jaime (contemporary) dances lyrical hiphop by Christopher Scott (from LXD!).  Ryan, with her long blonde hair looks like Cat Deeley and watching her dance seems like watching Cat Deeley dance as well. =)
  5. Caitlynn Lawson (jazz) and Mitchell Kelly (contemporary) got jazz by Sonya Tayeh.  Ance since we know that Mitchell is injured.  Caitlynn will instead be dancing with Robert from Season 7.
  6. Up next is Miranda Maleski (jazz) and Robert Taylor Jr (hip hop).  They had latin (jive) by Jason Gilkison.
  7. Missy  Morelli (jazz) and Wadi Jones (hip hop) danced jazz by Sean Cheesman. Missy is declared a beast by Nigel and I absolutely agree.
  8. Melanie Moore (contemporary) and Marko Germar (jazz) got Travis Wall for a contemporary routine.  Chills! Chills! Chills. Standing O from the judges too.  Melanie is the queen beast.
  9. Ashley Rich (contemporary) and Chris Koehl (breakdance) hip hops with Christopher Scott.
  10. Iveta Lukosiute (ballroom) and Nick Young (tap dance) quicksteps with Jason Gilkison.

Travis Wall’s routine with Melanie and Marko is my favorite of the night. Travis has really grown into a force to be reckoned with with his choreography.  Most if not all of his pieces have been really spectacular and moving.

I wonder who will be eliminated?  There were 2 or 3 weak dances but the judges were all very nice so I couldn’t really tell. By the way, Happy birthday Jordan! =)

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